RAF Sunglasses, are models listed anywhere?

Hi All, Have just bought a pair of Air Ministry sunglasses, made by Levers. The case has -


Of course * is a crown and ‘P’ might be an ‘R’

I can find very little information about these sunglasses, they are not covered in Proger’s book and searches just bring up a few ‘for sale’ pairs with brief vendor discriptions.

Can anyone tell me something of their history? Adoption date, designation, uses etc?

Some vendors say these were pre-war, and there seem to be several post-war versions. Is there any where with a clear listing of RAF sunglass types?

All the best


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Need help! German Helmets at an Antique Mall

I found a few German helmets at a local antique mall, I’m pretty sure they’re all original, but as always would like a second opinion before I decide whether I want to purchase them or not. Sadly I failed to get good quality pictures, but I’ll upload what I managed to take. The WW1 Stalhelm and Luftschutz helmet are both without liner, but the WW2 Stalhelm does have a liner. I’m not sure if these are great prices, but they seem reasonable if they’re truly originals. Any opinions are welcome!


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2130 Luftwaffe: Paar Kragenspiegel eines Oberleutnant des fliegenden Personal

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ZWEI Totenköpfe für Kragenspiegel der Panzer-Sturmgeschütz-Truppe, Alu Totenkopf

EUR 220,00
End Date: 04. Dez. 14:29
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French Civil Defence Items

Hi everyone, thought I would show a WW2 French Civil defence Adrian helmet and gas mask.


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Need help! M42 ss relic

Hey folks,

I need some opinions on this relic.
What do you think? Thinking to buy this one. I don’t have much experience on ss helmets and decals so I need some advice before buying it.


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SS visor cap help ID

Came across this visor cap and because Im a new collector, wonder if i could get some opinions?

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Wehrmacht personal items display

Hello everyone, just thought I’d show some German small kit.

Clockwise from left, Dienstbrille (service spectacles), song book, letter and photograph, rifle cleaning kit, torch, spoon and fork, anti gas ointment (orange bottle), soap, anti-frost grease, Rosodont tooth powder (in white plastic box), razor, comb, handmade cigarette tin, matches, paybook, Fettbuchse (black plastic butter or fat dish) shell dressing, needle and thread, notebook. Displayed on a bread bag in which many of these things would have been carried.

Any comments welcome. Doug

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Poppy selling

I’m now reaching the end of my stint at the local supermarket… just three more days to go. As always, the generosity of the public has been truly overwhelming. Last week my stall collected £1,150 in just two days. Loads of notes fed into the tins, loads of people donating. Last Saturday the RBL replenished the stocks in Liverpool and sold 12,000 pin badges in that one day. A young Polish couple bought one of my wreaths this morning too. My grandchildren, Emily & Tom, popped in on their way home from school to get their poppies yesterday. And today my eldest daughter Michelle called in and spent a few hours helping me on the stall. Unlike the other charity, ‘Help For Heroes’, all monies collected by the Royal British Legion goes to help ALL former servicemen and their dependants in need, and not those who just served in Afghanistan. Remember that next time you donate.



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UNIFORM-der-Wehrmacht-Feldbluse! 2 WK ! M36? FELDJACKE ! Offizer?

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