Question German lightweight tunic Heer, Ostfront

Dear all,

May I show you this private purchased/depot made lightweight tunic of an "Oberfeld" please? All the time it was a strong wish of me to get a Wehrmacht tunic. Now I have done, it’s on hold so the anticipation ist much greater for me. I am enjoying it very much :) :)

I have chosen consciously Espenlaub Militaria as my provider so I think it’s authenticity is not in question, istn’t it?

According to my sources those kind of tunic was used originally at the Eastern Front, but could be seen on all frontlines in summer 1943/44. I would be very pleased if you had some more information about this tunic, e.g. hints about the time period of its production, occasions about its use?

All comments are wellcome.

With best wishes
alter musketier


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IJA Helmet star emblem - resource?

Is anyone aware of or can direct me to a resource that spells out the specifications for the star emblem that is on a type 90 combat helmet? Ive been told the star on my helmet shell is a reproduction so I would like to know what an original one specs at so I can compare and be on look out for original one. thanks for any information on this. I can measure the thickness and overall dimensions of the star if that helps some tell me how it compares.

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+ WH Drillich Jacke / Feldbluse / Feldjacke / Sturmpioniere / Pioniere / +

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Help needed with a German badge

A friend of mine has this badge ,I have done a few search’s but can’t find it,does anyone know what it is from? Thank you for any help

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Just anothe K98 Seitengewehr, Eichorn bayonet in Herder scabbard

Good afternoon gents,

I am not a bayonet collector these days (I was many years ago) and my first ever K98 bayonet was about 40 years ago and I think I paid about £15 back then. About 25 years ago I offloaded all my bayonets and in retrospect think it was a huge error and I was the loser!

However, as part of the often mentioned background to my collection of badges and awards along with helmets, belts etc I have a few bayonets so I always have a quick look whenever I see them.

Today I passed a local antique shop (he calls it a gallery:rolleyes: ) and I saw this early Eichorn bayonet in a Herder scabbard which was begging me to bring it home. I had a look and the price was good at £89 and I even qot a bit of a discount by using the right "collectors banter". Overall condition is good and the blade which has not been sharpened has only light pitting. The finish on the scabbard is brown rather than blue.

I am sure competent bayonet collectors know this but for those with just a passing interest; This is an early item because it has maker names rather than codes which have year of manufacture appended (in this case 39 = 1939) plus the year is stamped on the spine of the blade as well.

I know purists like to see matching bayonet and scabbard but this makes absolutely no difference to authenticity and as an old soldier I can fully appreciate that once issued the chances of bayonet and scabbard never being separated especially in the field are ridiculously slight, just like the two halves of a mess kit.

Anyway, I show this for comparison and I hope you like it;


I forgot to photograph the makers name on the scabbard but it is; F Herder ASN 39



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2 WK ! Stahlhelm UdSSR.Gr 58

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Flugzeugführerabzeichen marked BSW

Hello there, after help to identify this ‘ silver ‘ badge marked BSW. Been assured it is absolutely right and …. also absolutely wrong late 1970’s " good " copy . Any help appreciated.. thanx lummox110761311076141107615110761611076171107618110761311076141107615110761611076171107618100

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2. WK originaler Stahlhelm Wehrmacht Heer SELTEN !!!

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WW2 Italien Fascist Kriegsmarine AEROFONISTA M33 helme Stahlhelm

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Need help! Fake Infanterie Sturmabzeichen?

Hi there,

I think it is a SHuCo. Is it a good one?



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