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help id a book?

can anyone tell me about this book it looks like a soldier handbook
i scaned a few pages. thanks in advance

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Question Naval infantry insignia

Can someone explain WW2 soviet naval infantry insignia please? I`ve noticed in various photo that some wear a (gold?) and red star on the arm but some don`t. Is this a mark of rank? Post war naval infantry wear a rope and anchor patch on the left arm where the specialist badge would be, was this ever used during WW2?

Panzerfaust 100m instructional leaflet

Hi Guys, I have just borrowed this from a friend with a view to buying it ;) I thought that you might enjoy seeing some scans? The print date is January 1945.

Cheers, Ade.

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Cavalry officer -please opinion

This visor was found by myself few years ago on an attic of an old hof ,but that does not guarantee it is a pristine piece, so I would like to hear all of your expert opinions. I want to thank you all for your replies.

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heed id a m1 helmet

can anyone id the insignia on this paratooper helmet. and what do you think of the helmet? thanks in advance.

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need help id m1 helmet insignia

need help with the helmet insignia. anyone have any ideas? i removed the netting for photos.

thanks again for all the great information.

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Some buckles, sadly most denazified


Still going through stuff have found these, if anyone wants more detailed pics just ask:).



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heer buckle

hey gents....... had this buckle for a while and always wondered about the stamping. Appears to be a bell shape. The tab is marked as, ( as far as I can make out ) " Matth Salcher & Sohne on upper oval stamp and " Jablunkau " on the bottom half of the oval. I thought that this manufacturer was in " Wagstadt " ? Any comments are appreciated......... Thanks Detlef

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Cameras and insignia of U.S. war photographers


I would like to share with you my modest collection of war photographer related material.

War photographers have always fascinated me, as it was through their eyes that we have had the chance to have an aproximation of what a war is like. It always amazed me that they used their cameras as weapons. Even though I always admired the work of well known photographers, such as Capa, Centelles, Rosenthal or
Khaldei, my admiration for the anonimous photographers was even bigger.

There were (and still are) very few sources of information about military war photographers, but I was finally able to find a magnificnet book: Armed with cameras, written by Peter Maslowski. With it, I was able to learn and then get hold of the most of the equipment and insignia of the american military photographers.

The first group of photos show a 35mm. B&W Bell& Howell Eyemo camera, of the type that filmed 90% of the footage of WWII.

There is also a 16mm Bell& Howell Filmo colour camera, one of the types used mostly in the pacific, and the one used by Hollywood director George Stevens to fim his "diary" in colour from D-Day to Berlin. I also show an unopened box with a 16mm Kodachrome roll of film, period dated.



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Interesting Group to the 93 ID

Just got this group which is a photo album some wartime company orders / letters and other docs plus a nicely produced wartime Divisional pamphlet on their role in Operation Barbarossa , including the advance through the Baltic States to Leningrad.

93 ID was a veteran Army Group North Divison and ended up in the Kurland pocket.

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