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ww2 US letter home about war

This is an original letter home from germany to the US. If you need better photos, let me know. The story is great!

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Question - EK2 Repeat Spange

Hello Gentlemen,
Looking through Detlev Niemann newest 2009 German Medal Cataloge, the section concerning repeat spange for EK1 has listed one class described as "2 Form Silber 800" which I take to be a jeweler’s private purchase piece made for officers or individuals who wanted such a piece. Looking through the section repeat spange for EK2, this class "Silber 800" is not there, does that mean (assuming I’m right) that no private purchases pieces were made of EK2 repeat spanges. If not, does any member know why not? Any information welcome

My M1 helmet with a bit of history…

I thought you guys might like to see my American M1 helmet, you can tell that this has been through a lot, it has been hit by 2 bullets at quite a high angle, a German cartridge fits perfectly:
Attachment 161125
Attachment 161126
Attachment 161127
Attachment 161130
Attachment 161131
Attachment 161128
Attachment 161129

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Need help! SS Uniform Identification. Help!

I've done a bit of research already (whether what I've figured out is correct or not is another thing) and since people on this site seem to be experts in this field, I was wondering if someone could help me.
I apologise for the quality of the picture. It's a scan of a scan of a scan of the original image so this is all I've got to work with. I'm not sure if the year is correct either. It could be what was written on the back of the original image but then again it could be a complete guess.
I should also note that the man in Austrian. (I don't know if that makes any difference.)

Attachment 161105

Here is what I've figured out so far (and I accept the chance that I am 100% incorrect) :

• The white mark on his right lapel appears to be a totenkopf (It’s really blurred but outline shape matches)

• The plain patch on his left lapel meant he was a SS-Mann (Private/Soldier) when the photo was taken. The band on his right shoulder (Sorry, I forgot what it’s called) supports that. Also, the left lapel patch and the band are the SS rank insignia from 1933. These were changed at the start of the war, which means that this picture was either taken before September 1939, he had joined before the war began or they gave him an old uniform.

• The totenkopf appears to be vertical in the photo. Horizontal totenkopfs were used after May 1940 after a change in the rules so the photo was taken before 1940 (unless they didn't swap the direction on old uniforms)

• The patch totenkopfs were used by SS officers who ran/guarded concentration camps. SS Totenkopfverbande (SS-TV) was the unit in charge of the concentration camps in Germany and occupied countries.
(Mauthausen concentration camps were all over Austria and there were two near where the he lived. Both were between 30 – 45 minutes away by car/truck and were run by Mauthausen.)

If I have gotten any of this wrong, anything at all, please correct me. If you can tell me any additional information that you have figured out from this picture it will be of great help.
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Heer 4-Year Service Medal w/Cypher

Here for sale I have a nice 4-year heer service medal complete with cypher. This is out of my personal collection and I am asking what I paid for it at $80 all included with shipping anywhere in the world. Will also consider trade for SA buckles. Thanks for looking :)

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My 1943 P-38

When my father-in-law Hank returned from WWII he brought with him 4 pistols: 2 P-08’s, 1 P-38 and one small auto that said "Schmiesser Patent" on the frame. The small auto was sold to a friend last year for $50, but I believe he took advantage of 98 y/o Hank. The P-08’s were given to two of his brothers for "safe keeping", never to be seen again. But guess who got the P-38? That’s right, you’re looking at him!!! Wanted to share this with you folks.

The serial numbers all match; the magazine has the same 3-digit proof(?) stamp with Nazi crest that’s on the frame and slide and I have the holster that it was carried in. Hank was a LT with the 612th Tank Destroyer Bn, then wound up in military government in Pilsn Chechoslovakia. The pistols were taken from German officers.Attachment 161095Attachment 161096Attachment 161097Attachment 161098Attachment 161094Attachment 161093Attachment 161092Attachment 161091

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luftwaffe eagle?

Is this good or post war /de-nazified/fake?
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is this a flag pole eagle?

does this look like a german flag pole eagle?

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fake heer cap

ok, this a fake a local dealer is selling! Pretty bad!

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British Beret?

A local dealer is selling this and i wanted to see what you guys thought before i bought it.Thanks!

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