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98k Rear Sight cover/protectors

Enjoy these rare 98k rear sight cover/protectors...BILL

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SS Recruiting Poster

Heres a copy of a Norwegian recruiting poster.

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christmas time

:shok_yikes:anyone thinking of xmas yet? or how were gonna pay for it? whats your opinion, will it be a budget this year due to the credit crunch??? would like some thoughts. :)

ss music album

this is from for a guys birthday, it has sigitures from a dozen or so guys, the hand drwn pic , i think is a portrayal of the P.O.W camp they were in, then he put it in this album/folder, im just sumising though. the himmler auto is a fasimile. nice peice i feel, very personal.

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Chinese 7.62×39 Tracer Ammo

I never fired any of this so I don`t know if it`s red or green,anybody know?

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SS Runic EM Tab

Hello friends,

any opinions for it? I think nice, but?!

Thx all, regards

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Japanese type 38 6.5 caliber rifle

This was used by the Thai army and has the Mum overstamped.

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98k Action Cover 1942

Enjoy this scarce 98k Action cover dated 1942...BILL

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98k Muzzel covers/sight protectors

Enjoy these 98k muzzel covers/ sight protectors..letter coded and Waffenamt marked.. Two letter code (ah)= Carl Merz Machinenfabrik, Setten... J. P. Sauer and Sohn,Suhl.. Eagle 37 marked, Unknown Logo WaA 101.. Mauser Werk, Oberndorf Eagle 63... Show Yours...BILL

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Special art of the order presentation

Special art of the order presentation!

Families / heirlooms of the special pieces

as for example PAB CCC EK1 KVK 1-st class or even order GCiG

and order stand do not emphasise wooden base together with order stand ideally to share to the auction

( Order stand also in the Ebay shop to agree)

rounds 10 cm of wooden base, of mahogany, with emphasise also other species of wood possibly

Price 4$ + Shipping

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