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1 Helmabzeichen Stahlhelm WH wie gealtert

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End Date: 01. Nov. 17:57
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Wehrmacht / Luftwaffe Schztzbrille, Fliegerbrille, Umbral Carl Zeiss Jena

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End Date: 01. Nov. 16:54
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2.WK WH Offizier Oblt.Schulterklappen Infantrie Orginal Dachbodenfund

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End Date: 07. Nov. 18:28
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3 kordeln für die offiziers-schirmmütze

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End Date: 01. Nov. 12:31
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Need help! Full Röhm SA Dagger by E.P. S. - ask for help

Hi guys,
I would like to ask you for help with this SA full Rohm dagger. I checked the other ones on net declared as original examples and for me as not expert looks good. But I would like to know opinion of you who can focus on the marks which can prove it is not good example and to avoid loosing of money.
Any opinion is welcome. Thank you.


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Opinions on this helmet please

I think I have purchased a dodgy one, looks fabricated could I have your thoughts, mine are black paint on the top nut, strange scratching on the rim and the rust bleed looks like it may be iron fillings in the paint.

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Question Eisernes kreuz 1 klasse unmarked

Hey guys,

I wanted to share this eisernes kreus 1 klasse. It has no visible maker mark and i am curious to know from which maker it is.
I have been looking for makers and comparring but i have found nothing. I think it looks a bit like a mm15 but then i am missing some details it needs.
Help is much appreciated.


Regards Juncker93

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Ausstellung Deutschland postcards and eintritts carte 1936

this was an exhibition held during the olympics in Berlin.
i especially like the card with the dancing women.

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1st Polish Armoured division article in Belgian newspaper 22 october 1944.

Great article in a Original Belgian newspaper found, about the liberation from Flanders!
Cheers, Pieter.


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French made British issue Binoculars MkV Special

As British Industry could not cope with demand, Binoculars were obtained from French makers. These were made in Paris by Deraisme. The reversed broad arrow applied to the usual upwards pointing broad arrow shows they were sold out of service post WW1.

Cheers, Ade.

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