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Panzer badge

Hello mates, can anybody tell me if it is good or bad badge? I compared it on the web with originals - could it be Juncker Berlin?Unlucky no more photos:(thanks in advance Pepe:)

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Gulf War Medals

My daughter served on a Canadian supply ship named Preserver, here are the medals the Kuwait gov. gave them, the Canadian gov. wont let them wear them.

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A good reason for self defense

Soon, only criminals will be armed. :(

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Interesting paper tank

This was just before Kursk. A paper model for identification.

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WWI Private Victory Medals

I'm new to this forum, thought I would say hi, tell you about what I collect and then ask a question. I have been collecting militaria for about 7 years now, I collect WWI Victory Medals and WWII Red Cross/Medical Corp items, and when I can find them I try to pick up any Vimy Memorial medals. So that is a little rundown of what I collect so time for the question.

I would like to know if anyone has written any books on Victory Medals that were not released by the governments? I have a very good book on Victories released by the countries governments but I have had very little luck finding anything about Victories released by townships, cities, counties, states, or even medals given out by Commonwealth countries. I have picked up a few but have had trouble identifying their origin, and for the most part try to stay away from them unless I know they are coming from very good sources (or if they are very cheap and can afford to lose the money if they are fake). I hope someone would be able to point me towards a good book or a good website.

Thanks for the time and nice to meet everyone

Dienstglas 6×30 ddx+ 1941

Hello Friends

please any opinions for this. Original? no problem?

Thanks all :)

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help please,info on WW! luftwaffe memorablia

Hello,I have a leather flying helmet with the goggles....also with them came a glass bottle with a china stopper.on the stopper ther are the words in german " property of the luftwaffe"
I cant find anything anywhere to research this.THe items came to me from an old dear who found them in her attic,I have had them for over 20 years.I know they are genuine,
Is the bottle rare?
no one seems to have heard of it.
I am going to sell them and need to know a bit more so I can get a valuation somehow.
thank you

worst case scenario

hi does anyone know if this film has been made yet ?
its about zombi nazis?

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Types Materials for Visor Hats


I start this thread because I need HELP with partition every materials for Visor Hats (now) which was used in 3R. I think that it will contribution for all, if help everyone who know. ;)

I am sorry in start, this is my logical partition materials, we can correct it then. (What will be bad I delete it or I will be correct it.)

I know 5 groups materials:

1. black wool
2. black trikot
?. black italian cloth

3. green-gray wool
4. green-gray italian cloth
5. green-gray trikot

?. gray wool
?. gray italian cloth
?. gray trikot

Falaise Then & Now. The Canadian attack on the Ecole Sainte Jean de Filles.

As we all know the German forces were superb at throwing together very able Battle Groups and this occurred yet again just outside Falaise (Normandy). SS Battle Group Krause comprised mainly of members of the 12 SS Hitler Jugend.
They put up a spirited defense against superior forces but fighting overwhelming odds they had to gradually fall back into the town of Falaise. Not giving up they fought like demon's with no care for what would happened to them. A favourate ploy being to let the enermy advance past them, before popping up with Panzer Faust or MG and attacking the enermy from behind. This caused umpteen casualities for the Canadian forces who'd been tasked with taking Falaise.
SS Strong points were set up through the town and the battle raged but eventually the SS survivors pulled back to the only place left, the Ecole Sainte Jean Filles (Girls School of St Joan). Here around 60 of the Battle Group (Krause) were to make their last stand, all wanted to stay but drawing straws two were selected and tasked with breaking out and reporting back to HQ the fate of the Battle Group. At the time these two were disappointed being ordered to leave but they escaped. (I was lucky enough to meet one of these survivors SS Sturmann Karl-Heinz Decker)
The first photo's show a mixed force of Canadian Mont-Royal Fusiliers and Sherbrooke tanks attempting a different route of attack on the School following a previous repulsed attempt on a diferent route. This attack is lead by tank number 21 with number 14 following. It was also repulsed by the teenage boys of the SS HJ holed up in the school. In fact the final assult was postponed due to the ferocity of the defence until the middle of the following night. You can also see a picture of a Canadian casuality being carried back out of danger.
I include a picture of a pre war postcard showing the school as it used to be because during the fighting it was destroyed and burnt out, all accept this very similar wing which is the only original surviving part. Because of this I took a couple of pictures from different angles and the final was taken with me stood on tip toes with arms outstretched and my camera over the wall to take a shot of the school yard interior face of this wing.
Thats a shame previewing the post I notice the pictures haven't comeout in the order I uploaded them. Sorry but you'll have to scroll back and forth to compare the Then and Now.

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