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Need help! Any Ideas What This Bench Is For?

Can anyone help us with exactly what this is? I believe it is a bench for a hand crank radio generator but have yet to find another example. Ran across one that was similar but had the generator bolted right to the seat and the seat did not appear to be wooden and also had some long ovals cut out of it, probably to reduce weight, or if plastic, to provide strength.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, what it is, what it matches up to eta etc?

Attachment 271706

Attachment 271705

Thanks in advance,

Russ & Son

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Romanian soldier’s extremely uncommon id tag found in stalingrad!

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Original hose soldat 2. Weltkrieg wehrmachtsoldat ii weltkrieg 2wk kellerfund

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Heer Binoculars

These look okay but I’d like a second opinion as to whether they’re TR/wartime.


Kriegsmarine belt and buckle

Hope you Kriegsmarine collectors like this one, its just a nice and simple black leather belt with a lovely makers stamp on it and an even nicer KM eagle at the buckle end. The logo on the buckle I am unfamiliar with but I am sure one of you will know who it is.

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Stahlhelm Abzeichen Helmabzeichen Heer gealtert - 17

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Question Source for used reenactor’s kit?

Hello all!

I am currently in the hunt for a M36 reenactor’s feldbluse… I could easily buy a new one from ATF (amazingly nice people, btw!), BUT I’d prefer something that looks worn enough to match my authentic awards and insignia, which are all pretty salty…

Here’s my Infanterie Sturmabzeichen, for example:
Attachment 271628

To be honest, I think my Infanterie Sturmabzeichen with most of the silver finish worn away, my scratched up wound badge, and my soiled EK2 and Ost Medal ribbons, etc. would look rather silly on a sparkling clean, brand new tunic. In essence, I’d like to recreate the tunic this soldat is wearing, but in a fresh from the front state:
Attachment 271627

I’ve been wondering… Could someone recommend a good source for obtaining used reenactor’s kit? I’ve tried ebay, and the classifieds here and on other forums, but I really haven’t had much luck…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Orig.DAK/Südfront Feldbluse Kammerstück

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wanted Black SS VT Portraits

Follow the wanted section

by: Francesco

Description: Hi Guys,

I’m looking for original Black SS VT portraits wearing helmet or Schirmutze.

I’m also looking for original photos the Feldherrnhalle,Ehereltemple and Führerbau guards.

Only in postcard size or largest.



War Relics Militaria sales


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Enddatum: Mittwoch Nov-30-2011 19:40:37 CET
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