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What Are Powerful Ingredients For Bigger Results?

There are numerous fixings use in Celaxryn Rx…

Wehrmacht Einheitskragenspiegel für Mannschaften und Unteroffiziere

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Nieten Splinte Stahlhelm Wehrmacht M35 M40 M42 aus Stahl

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a strange badge, winged shell ??


have you seen this badge before ?

thanks for answers
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M42 Luftwaffe up for review

Guys a seller has offered a decent looking m42. Inam awaiting more pictures.
Any thoughts on the paint or decal?

New great Video from T .Wittman about first model LW enjoy

YouTube (

Blokadnik Ssh-36

As you may know, I have found an Ssh36 ‘Blokadnik’, but I have now found one that has a blockade-made chinstrap AND is dated. Everything appears to…

Need help! Panzer tabs real or repro

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Original Wehrmacht Afrikakorps (Südfront) Stahlhelm M42 / 2. Weltkrieg

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HELP! REAL OR FAKE Arrow Cross Armband?

Hello guys,

what do you think of this arrow cross armband? Real or fake?


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