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Interesting M42 helmet

A very recent acquisition, a battle-damaged M42 helmet. Both hits are entry holes, the lower one having taken away a small portion of the liner. There is also an oblong gouge to the top and a few minor dents to the sides. The liner is nice and tight - although the impact to the shell seems to have loosened the pins somewhat, but there is certainly no signs of it being tampered with. Tip of chinstrap is missing, but the helmet has that ‘been there’ look about it. The black on the liner is nothing more than dirt - possibly soot. There is no evidence of a decal, but the colour underneath the lighter application indicates this to be army. Can’t find any stamps to the shell either. Whether this was worn when hit is debatable. But if it was worn - the injuries would have been non-survivable. As always, opinions on authenticity are welcome.



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LW Camo Helmet

Nice relic from the Roof.
For me the paint looks good,hopefully you have also a good feeling?
Let me know…

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Need help! Karl Wintergerst Tunic???

I’ve had this tunic for a while and I’ve been trying to identify the owner. I can only narrow it down to Karl Wintergerst who was a major in the 7th artillery regiment. He’s the only one who I think could be a possibility. He was "severely wounded" and earned the wound badge in silver which would make sense for the type of injury this person sustained. If anyone can help me prove or disprove this theory that’d be great.

Artillerie-Regimenter - Lexikon der Wehrmacht

Short history of Wintergerst. He was handed over to the Reds and then never seen again so it’s hard to find any info on him.

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German Pottery Helmets

My collection of Pottery helmets with the Swastika on top.

I don’t know much about them, but I love these Pottery helmets.

Coming in different sizes and colours, I have Fifteen so far cool militaria

I got my first one many, many years ago at a Militaria show for £5

I think they come in three sizes, Small/Medium/Large.

Although the actual difference is quite minimal..

May be 1.5 inches long by 1 inch high approx., and that’s probably the Large size.

I’m always on the look out for new ones, but… sadly they are very hard to come by now.

Very rarely do they pop up now, but I’m always on the look out for a new addition.

Three more to my growing collection..

Love the green one cool militaria

I’ve waited nearly two years for a new one, then three came along within days of each other :confused:

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U- Boat Binocular Restoration

U-Boat Zeiss 7×50 BLC Fixed Focus Binoculars in poor state of repair.

Can’t be having that… so a restoration has begun.

With no rubber caps top or bottom, and with fungus spores and foggy lenses, these binoculars need help.

Also, they have become very stiff with dirt or ageing lubricant.

So, a full clean up is needed with new rubber parts to be added.

These weigh in at around 1.8 kg, quite heavy.

In good clean condition, these go for any thing between £600 to £1200, depending on condition.

Fungus spores have been found, third picture, the large white spec. :o(

These must be burnt out in a oven, because they will regrow again, it’s very hard to remove once they have taken root :shok_yikes:

Pictures of the strip down of parts that need cleaning/servicing.

Also, the lenses are "Foggy" or "Cloudy" and need treatment…

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Fallschirmjägerhelm Stahlhelm Schrauben Muttern Bodenfund Casque Fallihelm Ww2

EUR 66,66 (0 Bids)
End Date: 03. Okt. 01:36
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Heer Sd M42 Helmet

Hi, wonder about the decal on this helmet / Thanks Erik

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Need help! Ofiicer Shin Gunto Sword - Tang Markings

I would very much like to ask the Forum Sword experts for any help and information relating to the Tang engravings on my recently purchased Shin Gunto.

Left Hand Side.

1003639 1003638 1003637

Right Hand Side.


Sageo and Menuki.


I am told by the seller that it is signed KANEYOSHi and dated 1941. He also said it is KEISO YASURI marked on the Tang, but I do not know what that means.

Thank you for any help.


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for sale SS Officers Relic Belt Buckle 100% Genuine

Click here for details…

by: waffen44

Description: 100% Genuine SS Officers Belt Buckle .
It is in Ground Dug / Battlefield Recovered condition and still has encrusted earth in places on the reverse .
Would benefit from a clean but i will leave that up to its new owner.
Condition is as illustrated in the photos.
A lovely battlefield dug relic .

War Relics Militaria sales

Need help! Fake ss buckle?

Offered this but no markings and seems in too good nick to be real?

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