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M42 relic waffen ss with net cover remains!!

Hallo Guys, I'm a German and US M1 helmets collector; is my first post on this Forum.
I will like post you my last relic; the helmet was found in Pomerania (Poland) with other two helmets /see the first and second picture).
I cleaned the helmet only on decal side with ossalic acid and decal SS appears again.
There are waffen SS cover remains on the helmet and liner is still there; I found inside liner two little piece of carboard, probabilly put inside helmet from soldier to defence from cold!
I think a very interesting relic and a cool helmet at the time!!!

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Need help! Golden Party’s Badge, Fake or Real??

Hello everyone, this is from Bangkok! It is already over 35 degree, hot nighrt!

Well, could you kindly let me know your frank idea for the attached. Real or fake?

I have info but more than #10000, and no info under #1000.

Thank you.

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Need help! Is there any way to ID an SS Officer?

Hello and thanks for this excellent forum. I am researching the identity of a Nazi officer, whose house my grandfather helped secure during the war. My Grandfather served with the 630th Medical Clearing Company and at one point they were told to go into this guy's house, see if anyone was inside, check for any documents of importance, etc.

When they got inside the officer and his whole family were dead by their own hands.

Below are some pictures of his that they took. The first image has two views of him. The right picture says "This is an officer of the S.S. troops (over).

The second image has the back, which in my grandfather's hand reads "This is one of Hitlers pigs that done his dirty work for him. This man was under Himmler. The hat he has on in this picture is now mine."

The third picture is my grandfather, wearing the hat, which we still have.

Using the resources of this site, I have been able to detect that the man is an SS Officer based on the arm band and hat. This also fits the mention of Himmler that my grandfather wrote. Plus he won a Gold Sport medal (on his left breast pocket), but that is all I can tell so far. We have a bunch of other pictures of the guy, his family and other German Army images that are interesting, but not of any use in figuring out who he might be.

Any help or thoughts about how I might be able to find out who he was would be greatly appreciated. If any of the other pictures would be of use or interest, I could put them up too. I didn't want to suck up too much space in my first post. :)

Kriegsmarine side cap

This is a Kriegsmarine sidecap that I traded a beaded feather fan to a Native American veteran for in the 70's. There was something sewn next to the swordfish at one time but I do not know what. I started to pull out the threads and then decided not to, other than one thread to do a burn test with. It is cotten. The makers stamp inside is very faint from wear. The only part I can make out is the size 57 next to the stamp.

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Glassmine 43 Instruction paper

As promissed a while ago I place some pics of the instruction paper for the GM 43. I finally found it when I was looking for other stuff in my boxes.
This one is written in French and Dutch, I don't know why, maybe for the resistance, but I also have the German version somewhere, but in fact they are the same.
One thing I didn't know myself was that to modify it from a AP to a AT mine, they had to use a different detonator. It doesn't say what type, but it looks like a Zb 35.
Also you can read the blocks of HE were 200 grams, and you could fit in 5 blocks for the AT usage.
If I find the German version I will also post some pics.
If somebody is interested in a copy just let me know, as I know these instruction papers are very hard to find.

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Question Has anyone used this site???

i was looking at this site & some of there stuff seems pretty cheap they were selling ironcrosses for £65 :o(

has anyone here bought from them & is it a trusted site:confused:


Auction: Luftwaffe M35 DD Second pattern decal

I have for sale a Luftwaffe M35 DD made in 1938 (was just able to see the date on the tight liner band). The liner has never been removed, there are several spots where it may be named (intials AH and a name on the inner band). Overall, there is probably about 85% paint on the exterior with the decals being about the same, with some wear. EF64, 56 liner

Need help! Carbide Bike Lamp

Hello Guys & Girls,

I have a few photos of a carbide lamp I have found at the local flohmarkt, I have no reference material for bicycles, which I assume it is from? What caught my eye is it is the same apple green as the M35 helmets? Anyone any ideas?

PS my spelling is terrible I should have gone to school more often!


Can anyone identify this?

Can anyone identify this? For me it said, that it is Edelweis* (spelling) headgear detail. Any opinions on this and its authienticity*?

2 new SS Officer Caps

Hello the Forum,
I post my 2 new ss officier caps in Italian Gabardine, the first cap is marked "statni" the second just the size...
your opinion are welcome of course !

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