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Panzer Assault Badges

My first post on this forum!

Always been interested in WWII and been collecting the odd original item here and there for 20 years. Just found this forum and think it's a great place to exchange ideas and information cool militaria

I'm currently considering buying a Panzer Assault badge, but I'm a bit uncertain about its authenticity and suspect it could be a replica / fake.

Can anyone help me with this one?

It has L21 (Foerster & Barth, Pforzheim) stamped on the hinge.
Badge is heavy and fairly well detailed.

Also a small number on the badge proper beneath the hinge. (Sorry for the bad quality).



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SS tabs

Found some for sale, gentleman sent me these pics and swears they're original, but they look pretty ugly to me.

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Anyone know what this badge is

Hi everyone,i've been offered this badge and to be honest i've not come across one before.Basically what is it and what would be a fair price to offer for it (if original).Only been a member for a week but a great forum...........Cheers Rob

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Us M1 1973 Helmet model link and question

Could This tipe of US M1 helmet be worn in Vietnam? USA M1 73

italian M 39 OK ?

Hi, mates !

I try to swap this italian M 39 Italian Army fighting-knife but it´s the first one, I could get.

Maybe you can tell me, if everything is OK with this knife ?

It seems, the scabbard is repainted/new varnished but it also could be, this was wartime-made, but:

The wooden grip-plates are still smelling of wood and are looking polished or even new-made ?
Also I guess, I can see marks of a screw clamp at one of the grip-plates ?).

In the "middle" the handle ist 2,82 cm "strong"
Width at the angle: 2,58 mm; at the "pommel": 2,83 mm

Crossguard 4,2 mm "strong, the lenght: ca. 7cm

Thx. in advance,


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Help With M1 Helmet

No Liner And no stamps inside What period is it? Its grey outsie and olive-green inside Navy?

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jason gibbo gibsons dagger

U-Boat Relic Found near shipwreck

During WW2, U-507 became the first U-boat to enter the Gulf of Mexico in 1942. One of her victims was the Alcoa Puritan which was sunk by gunfire and one torpedo.

The Alcoa Puritan was discovered in 6,400 feet of water. During a ROV expedition to the shipwreck, a 10.5cm shell casing was recovered from near the Alcoa Puritan shipwreck.
This is certainly one of the 75 shells fired by the U-507.

The shell casing was standing upright on the sea floor, note the line around the casing that was in the mud.

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EK1 & Spange - Impressions from Forum members

G'day gang :-)
I've come across an WW1 EK1 with the WW2 spange physically attached; the rear face is a typical clamshell type setup, with a hook for the spange (no maker marks from what I can determine). I've never had the opportunity to grab an EK1 with spange, and just wondered if this item is in a pretty common configuration? I'm thinking that a WW1 EK1 with a WW2 spange would be pretty uncommon. I'd assume that the whole unit would've been produced by during WW2.

I have a spange in my own collection, but it's for attachment to the ribbon of an EK2.

Any thoughts, warmly received.


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Question two german medals

are this two medals real or fake. Id like to buy this two medals but i dont recognise if they good are..Tnx fellows for your help...LP

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