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Approve me M1 Helmet Identification

Hi! I have joined to hopefully get help in identify my M1 helmet. It is light green, smooth paint, has a liner with a open circle center, fabric straps with leather sweatband, swivel bails, fabric chin strap, heat stamp looks like “VB” merged, “1955” and “4”.This site has so much info! I will keep combing through to see if I can get some answers. Thanks!

Zerstörer-Kriegsabzeichen by S&L

Here is one of the more difficult Destroyer War badges to find, an early tombak example by S&L.


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German colonial sword

Here is my latest find
for long time I was looking for one and finally catch one at a SOS show .


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A Few if my Kriegsmarine Displays

Here are a few of my Kriegsmarine displays. Having fun with my phone.


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3 British Helmets

Hello all, It has been a while since I have posted as I’ve been tangled up in school and studying for the ASVAB which I took today. But once again I’m here for some help, I have been saving for a german helmet but these just came up and I can’t help but follow my roots. They are all around $200 a piece and although all of my savings will be gone I think I can live with it.

They all look good to me but I am far from an expert of British helmets especially camouflaged helmets. I thinks they will make a good addition but would like some opinions before blowing my savings. I apologize for the pictures of the linear if you need close ups of any marking I’ll see what I can do.

Helmet 1, Paint is good but there is some hefty dents.

Helmet 2, Overall condition is great nothing really wrong as far as I can tell.

Helmet 3, Paint is a little rough and some minor rusting but not too bad overall.

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2 WK ! UdSSR Stahlhelm 1940

EUR 190,00 (0 Bids)
End Date: 01. Mrz. 18:44
Buy It Now for only: US EUR 266,00
Bid now | Buy it now | Add to watch list

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Need help! M1918 German Camo Helmet

Hello again mates !

A friend of mine is interested on the following helmet but would like to know your comments about its camo before making a deal …

Can you please help us on this matter ?

Thankl you in advance !

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Auction SMF gravity knife,opinions

Auction buy,highest bid was 90.00 until I got into a bidding war with one guy that knew its value.If he hadnt been there would have won it for 90.00.Oh well ended up with 225.00 in it,get hurt?It has been scharpened but probably period done,wasnt yesterday,a little damage on wood grip but spring is stong and knife looks unplayed with?Cap eagles just for display.

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hj enamel badges opinions

what are your opinions on these small enamel hj badges. thanks

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Need help! Gebirgsjäger field gear.

Please give your rating on this. Would it be worth buying this?
Anything else here is this German original?

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