Need help on SS police? sword

Recently acquired SS police sword, although some research says its an NCO sword. Manufacturer is WKC. No runes on sword hilt.
any input on model is appreciated. estimated value range?
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Schulterklappen 2. WK

EUR 25,00 (0 Bids)
End Date: 01. Dez. 22:07
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WW2 WK2 original Paar Schulterklappen WH artillerie major

EUR 79,90 (0 Bids)
End Date: 01. Dez. 20:34
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NSJ National Socialist Youths Cap Badge

I picked up this nice NSJ cap badge to add to my meager Dutch collection. It’s a beautifully detailed crisp badge. I wish I had a cap to join it.





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Warsaw Uprising 1944 Błyskawica submachine gun

Warsaw Uprising 1944
AK soldier firing Byskawica submachine gun

Click the link below to read about
the Błyskawica submachine gun costructed and made by the Armia Krajowa.

Błyskawica submachine gun

Click the link below to watch the Błyskawica test shooting

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Feldhernnhalle Schulterklappen Schulterstücke

EUR 1,00 (0 Bids)
End Date: 27. Nov. 17:50
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Need help! Need help with 1924 Polish Perkun WZ 24 Flare Gun

I have a seller with one of the rare polish Flare guns, the 1924 Polish Perkun WZ 24. I need some help on this one. It is a very nice gun and has serial number of 1000 !

As far as I know there are only about 20 or so of these guns around, or know of, and those only having the Serial numbers with the bandwith of 1789-8640 ? Am I way off on this? Has something happened in the last few years that I am not aware of?

Also, I have never seen any replicas/fakes of this gun, did they make copies of this one?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Question Eisernes Kreuz 2 Klasse

I’m considering purchasing this maker marked 44 Jacob Bengal EK2. I’ve only got the photos from the dealers site at the moment which do not show the mark on the ring. I could contact the dealer for better pictures however I have had a good look at this together with a 44 marked EK2 on the forum and am pretty much convinced it is a 44.

Just wondered what the forums thoughts are on this as well as the condition of the core and the cross as a whole. Is it a good one to purchase or a leaver.

Wilko cool militaria notcool

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Panzertruppe, Paar Kragenspiegel für Mannschaften

EUR 82,50
End Date: 24. Dez. 15:59
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Kaiserliche Marine badges, maybe…

Hello all,

I recently picked up a small group of early badges and these two were in the lot. I have not been able to fully identify either of them and would appreciate your help.

One I believe is a post-war made veterans association badge. It bears the name of a ship, the Elbing, which I assume is the ship the veteran served on. The details are not as crisp as similar badges that I’ve been able to find, but it still seems well made.

The other has me stumped. It is very well made and marked ‘Ges Gesh 120′ on the reverse. I’m assuming Kaiserliche Marine something or other but I cannot find a similar insignia with crossed shovels over the anchor. Also, the pin is horizontal rather than vertical, which I found interesting.

Thank you for your help and insight, it is greatly appreciated!



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