Aust Cam, DPDU & DPCU

Here’s some I have, mostly the desert type DPDU pt1

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Shi Gunto Mei

I was in Singapore last month and visited the Ford factory Museum which had just opened and came across this display would some of those who have the knowledge be able to translate the maker.

Also we went the the Changi WWII Prison museum where they had a 14th century Japanese Samuri sword handed in by the officer in WWII after the surender it was on display with the Mei exposed sadly you were not permitted to take any pictures in the museum but that would be a very expensive item I believe.

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Ss dogtag

Hi guys,i am thinking of buying this one.So your opinion is very important for me.What do you think ? real or fake ? Wkr Pat1141793

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Saw dust tri color fj

Here is one I picked at Max show 1989-90. Bought from the Vet with full provenance. Cost me a "Whopping" $1700. I remember two guys standing there watching me pay the $1700 for it & one said "Who the hell would pay $1700 for a German helmet ?" I looked at him & said "I would". To me, not because I owned it, is the most beautiful example I ever saw. Actually, it is four color

Twenty years later, I sold it for $17K… I know who owns it..would love to buy it back…but retirement prevents me from going there.:weep:

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2 Schulterklappen Schulterstücke MAJOR Schwarz silbern Metall Geflecht WH 2 XX

EUR 10,00 (0 Bids)
End Date: 20. Dez. 01:07
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“On the March” (USA based reproduction uniform vendor - Virginia Bergman)

Hi, it may be of interest to some that Virginia Bergman of the USA based company "On the March" (specializing in reproduction German uniforms) has ‘disappeared’, along with my (pre-paid) order and a number of other peoples orders. Very disappointing, as her work was exceptional:-

On The March | Home

Regards, Paul

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original Paar Kragenspiegel Offizier WH Infanterie

EUR 65,00
End Date: 27. Dez. 11:50
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Original WK2 Stahlhelm Feuerlöschpolizei double decal entnazifiziert D.R.P. HALE

EUR 59,00 (0 Bids)
End Date: 23. Dez. 21:42
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seltene Schulterklappen für böse Jungs

EUR 65,00 (0 Bids)
End Date: 26. Dez. 22:09
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German WW2 button?

I found this small button today and I don’t know if it is German.
I have found a few of standard big buttons of same design with writing on the back.
This one is 12mm. Iron back corroded. Silver looking dots.



Thank you!

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