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Question - WW2 German Mess Tin?

Hello Gents,
Today I was offered a green aluminum German mess tin with detachable lid, and with black aluminum water cup. I don't know anything about mess tins i.e. the difference between German WW2 & Bundeswehr mess tins, unfortunately I didn't have my camera handy.I did manage to write down numbers stamped on the items.- HRE 38 & WWE 38 - I was wondering if anyone understands the stampings - perhaps letter stampings are makers abbreviations marks and 38 year of manufacture? I honestly don't know, does anyone have any ideas.
Best Wishes

The definitive N.S.K.K. buckle

Here is what I personally think is the definitive NSKK buckle, excluding of course, the open claw and rectangular frame type.

Hopefully both the variant designs are original, as this buckle is now cleverly and well faked.

The showing of any other variants would be greatly appreciated.



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German headgear

Hi to everybody,

I would like to have some qualified opinions about this item: real or fake?

thanks and cheers,

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Need help! SA daggar

My wife and I have just obtained a brown shirt daggar as a result of a death in the family. Hidden away in a drawer was a daggar with the SA insignia on top of brown handle. the blade is inscribed "filles fur Deutfchland. On the other side of the blade is the maker marker EPS with a figure of a dancer (with arm in air) underneth the name solingen. The sheath is also brown with a brownish silver at tip and top of sheath. On the part where the handle and blade attached is the word NO. We would like to know the value of this item.

Stalingrad Wehrpass

Wehrpass to Herbert Werner Rudolph who was a trained machine gunner when he was sent to an 8 (mg) Kompanie, Infanterie Regiment 276 part of 94 Infanterie Divison in Stalingrad on 16/9/1942.

By 15/10/1942 he was KIA.

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Luftwaffe 2nd dagger.

Hi everyone just a question on a blade that I am thinking of buying. I do own a maker marked dagger all ready, so I do know what to look for in the marked blades.

Here is my problem I have seen this dagger and went over every inch of it, there is no marks its an unmarked blade but orginal, iam not to fimilar with the unmarked daggers and was wondering if anyone here could set me stright? First the hangers there also unmarked no rzm, or drgm, anywhere to be found they also have spring clips, now could these hanagers be pre rzm, or just phony, because all the hangers I have ever seen are marked.

Secondly the scabbard has brass rings were the hangers are attached to, again never see brass used only the silver rings. So I am just wondering if the hangers and scabbered are pre rzm or phony. Any help would be greatly APP. Sorry I do not have pictures at the present time.

Thanks john

RAD Hewer Display

Hey gang! Took some new shots outside of my rad hewer display and thought I'd post them here to show you all how I have displayed in its case. Took me some time to find all the RAD related goodies....but I like the look of the display now. Pretty full - not much room left for anything else! :)



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Question WW2 medics armband

hiya guys :D

got this today but im not sure what country it was used by or if it US, UK or other. if anyone here can help me out i would much appreciate it & if you need any other pic's taken please let me knowcool militaria

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Buying SS KZ Jacket this afternoon

Hey guys,

This afternoon im going to get the SS Sturmmann jacket that i had my eyes on for a while.
Its a late 1944 made jacket

This jacket was owned by a SS KZ guard, all passes and documents of this SS guard come with the jacket.

At least i hope to get it, as you all know photo's can only say so much...
And as i am a young and beginning collector this is a pretty expensive piece for me

But i if all checks out ok, and i have a good positive feel with the jacket i will buy it.

See photos below, and all comments or hints and tricks to keep in mind for me are very welcome and appreciated

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Eifel Region

A recent visit to the hurtgen revealed some interesting finds including a strip of German MG clips, 30 cal rounds and remains of an American cold weather boot. All these items were found visible on the surface. The area has been scavanged by relic hunters but the area is so vast its still possible to find relics and ordnance throughout the forest. The area is well worth a visit with some remaining bunkers, military cemetaries(including Fd Marshall Models grave) and trenches across the wooded terrain.

The woods are beautiful but eerie. An incredibly difficult environment to fight with poor visibility and reduced communications.

PS I have details of an excellent local guide if anyone is interested in a guided tour. He is probably one of the best Hurtgen SMEs and can organise visits tailored to group needs

Rgds John

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