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Bahnpolizei Officer’s Visor Cap

I collect more political and Wehrmact items but this cap has that certain character so I picked it up some years ago. I was looking for something else and discovered it again so here you go.

The maker is Clemens Wagner and it has a great "wirklich Stirn-und Schlaefendruckfrei" embossed stamp on the leather sweatand.

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Pls help

I have question?
What is it ?
Best Regards

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Need help! Identify this rifle?

This is in pretty good shape, great wood and blue. On the left side of the reciever it reads "S no4 mk1". On top it reads
"U.S. Property". on the front site it says "Parker Hale England".
I was wondering what it would be worth, where it was made and used and how collectible it is. Also, how does the bolt come out?

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What is it ?

Im new on this forum.
Please help me to recognize what a formation is on this badge?

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Heer buckle-hermann knoller 1938

Hi Ben, I picked up this 1938 dated Hermann Knoller alu. buckle a few weeks back. On looking closer at it the buckle hasn't been painted field grey like the one you had. It seems to have a black/grey treatment of some sort. Have you seen this before?



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Need help! Info needed on SA and DLV please

Gentlemen I've come across a couple of knives that I got from a family member that I'd like to get some info on.
1. Is a SA 1933 makers mark Hugo Linder. SA group Wm on the scabbard. No RZM code. The knife itself is in good condition. Some scratches on the blade.Handle is excellent with both the Eagle and SS button in tact. No finish on the scabbard. So it's in not as good of shape. But intact with no dents. No rust on either the dagger or scabbard.
2. DLV "Flyers Knife". Makers mark Gebr Heller Balloon man logo. Blade is good condition. Handle has some wear to the leather. Scabbard is missing the leather all togetherbut in good condition with no dents. No rust on this either.
Any help is appreciated. A ballpark value would be great.
Thank you

Lets see your Polish Militaria Display!

Hey everyone,
Im new to the forum and collect Polish militaria.Anyone mind showing me there collection??


$20 Yard sale item

I found this bayonet at a yard sale. Any Idea what it belongs to? On the back of the blade it has beautiful writing in cursive. It is French and it reads
Mre d' Ormel de St. Etienne Sbre 1876 (Mr. Ormel of St. Etienne Sept 1876). The handgaurd and scabard have matching numbers 78726. Ahead of the handle on the blade is 2 letters an "S" and a"W".
Any info would be great.
Mark f

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cool pictures

edit-just seen them posted

Colleague Peter’s black cap

Our colleague Peter sold a nice early black enlisted cap on his site recently. Maybe he will post some pictures of same for us here.

It is a nice, attractive piece with many pleasing features.

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