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question about members

hi ade, ive been looking at my rating, what does it mean mate, i understand activity of course ,but points needed and expeirence??? different folks with different number of posts have sometimes more expirience points than someone withless posts,,, is it me ? please educate a simpleton.:D

Some my new Soviet stuff


Here is some new items what I got last week. Some of you have seen them on GMIC already but I put few up here as well!:)

1. "For Bravery" medal (za otvagu)

Well worn. Owner had added the safety pin. Nice low number 236 593 . Paul J. Schmitt "Echoes of War - Researching Soviet Military Decorations" lists it around 1943 February-March.


Civil k-98 ???? maker mark bnz 43 and many aegle stamps and germany , i think is for export ( sale outside germany ) but i not expert

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13492  13493  

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13498  13499  


Crimean War 1853-1856 medal


Here is one nice Imperial Russia award from Crimean war period. Its looks like its noncombatant one - dark bronze or is it impossible to say? Is it correct that there was 1 465 700 light bronze medals for combatants and 150 000 dark bronze medals for noncombatants and suporters?

M1955 colonel of medical service parade uniform

Excellent condition and super rare parade uniform of a medical branch colonel, model 1955. These uniforms are utterly rare in these days and this one is no exception. The uniform has no flaws or damages at all; no damage to the lining or the metal details. The collar features leaves and medical insignias as per regulations. The visor cap is in excellent condition with the M/55 cap wreath as well with dark green band for medical troops.
The uniform has traces from three screwback awards on the left side and a bar for 6 medals on the right side. The belt has hangers for a dagger and is different from the later belts as it has golden thread wowen into the garment.

The pockets on the inside of the jacket has zippers.

The size of the uniform is 50-52 (M-L / 40-42) and the visor cap is 57.

:) DOC

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M1960’s medical service colonel parade uniform

Soviet-Latvian medical colonels full parade uniform from the late 1980s. The owner served in of WW2 and probably a Soviet citizen that moved to the new Soviet republics during or after the war, in which he participated in the defense of Moscow. The wartime awards also include the Order of Glory III class and the medal for Combat service. In the post-war era, he was a member of a city council (Padomes Deputats) in Latvian SSR and also recieved the Latvian SSR State Prize (issued by the Latvian SSR Highest Soviet). Furthermore, he was a Honoured Blood donour.
The graduation badge is a 1960-70s medical university badge and his wartime unit was a Red Guards unit.

The uniform is in excellent condition and comes with straight leg trousers for wear with shoes, visor cap and belt. The size is 54 (US44, L-XL) and the cap is size 59 (L) and made in a Moscow hat factory.

Awards: Order of Red Banner of Labour, Order of Glory III class, Medal for Combat service, Medal for Labor Distinction, Medal for Defense of Moscow, Medal for Victory over Germany, Medals for 20th, 30th and 40th anniversaries of the Victory in WW2, Medal for Veteran of Labor, Medal to Vetaran Serviceman, Medal for Development of Virgin Lands, Medals for 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and 70th anniversaries of the foundation of the Soviet armed forces, medals for 800 years of Moscow and 250 years of Leningrad, Medal for 20 years of Irreproachable Service. Medal for 100th anniversary of birth of V.I. Lenin.

Screwback order of Red Star and Great Patriotic War. Badges for 25th anniversary of Victory, Red Guards and Medical University graduation. Honoured Blood Donor of Latvian SSR and Latvian SSR State Prize awards.

:) DOC

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i have a nice s-mine inside have many iron ball . the top have maker mark 43 (1943) bre 68 , the fuze have mark en 44 i think missing the first letter

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13478  13479  

13480  13481  


Reichsparteitage plate with all sing of german SS,SA,NSKK,DAF,.......The metal look like zinc but i not sure !

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my modest german display ! i have two scarce maker mark and two unfinished party badge

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13460  13461  

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13466  13467  

Makes me sick!

The pics speak for themselves. These are Russian weapons being destroyed by Estonian customs. UGGGGG.........

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