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Pf 2009

Hello all :o

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Happy new year folks!

All the best people. Regards & best wishes,Stewy.

Infanterie sturmabzeichen in Bronze by “RS”

Hi Guys, this one has lost most of it's finish but traces remain on the reverse. Maker is "RS" or Rudolf Souval.

Cheers, Ade.

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White Kriegsmarine Officers Overseas Cap

As this is a rare cap I'd like to give some background. I obtained it from a retired military officer who had it in his collection for many years. He couldn't remember exactly where he got it but he believes it came out of Europe over 20 years ago. Now about the cap, it's size marked 57 and it's a bit soiled and in excellent condition.

Remington Manufactured ‘LEBEL’ Bayonet

Per Jerry Janzen, in 1916 the French government ordered 200,000 1907/15 Mannlicher-Berthier rifles with bayonets from Remington. Only 100,000 of the rifles were delivered and the remainding quantities of the rifle and bayonet were purchased by the US Government and remained in store until April 10, 1959. The bayonets look like standard French made Model 1886/15 bayonets (made without hooked quillion) except for very slight grip contour variations. Only those bayonets received by the French were proofed and serial # to the gun.
Enjoy this Rare unmarked Remington Manufactured 'LEBEL' bayonet.. Model 86/15...BILL

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Question Medal for the Defense of Sevastopol

i see this medal for sale :

Orig. Soviet Russian Medal "FOR DEFENCE OF SEVASTOPOL" - ( item 260338376683 end time 04-Jan-09 00:05:57 EST)

i make some research about this medal and i think its rare because only 50,000 Approximately made ,( made of brass ) so exist two variation of this medal but i am not sure its a original for sale :o


Doc group of the mutterkreuz 1ste stuffe

Hi All

Today in the mail the last item for 2008
A doc group with the mk gold duc a doc for 50 years marriage and a doc for 29 years of service in a company al from the same family

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Luftwaffe Pith Helmet (Tropenhelm)

Overall in excellent condition. The sweatband and chinstrap leather are still nice and supple. The eagles silver wash has turned to a nice golden patina. The outside canvas is fairly clean except for a small soiled spot on the top right rear. Also the outside fabric has some creases in it, possibly from moister. Let me know if you need more photos;

Museum: ‘The Royal Museum of the Army and Military History’ in Belgium

'The Royal Museum of the Army and Military History'


Exclusively for WRF members, a photographic report of my visit to 'The Royal Museum of the Army and Military History' in Belgium.

Their website:

Koninklijk Legermuseum

Yours truly

Nick VR

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Black uniforms period photos in color

(There are of course a lot of other uniforms too.)

Here are a few.
Hitler/Jaeger File source:life - Google Image Search

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