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What do ypou think of these WW 1 panzer badges

I am relatively sure the Badge on the right is ok. Notice it has hollow eyes - but not all the way through. The other one lacks that, and look at the back. What do you think? Any idea what the good one is worth? I can't seem to find any for sale to compare. Must be rare. Thanks

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Russian WWII entrenching tool and cover

The Russian entrenching tool at the pictures is a 1944 manufactured issue. But what can be said about the cover. Is it also Russian WWII made?

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A Few Helmets - Help!

I found these on a good website at good prices. Are they original? Thanks for any comments.

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Algemaine SS skull.False or orginal?

Dear friends.
Needs your opinions
It is false or orginal ?
Im considering to buy it

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My M35 SD Luftwaffe

this is my latest buy(today):)
its old and in a bad condition but it looks fine
to bad there is varnish on it i dont have the guts to get it off
i dont even know how:weep:

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Wanted: DJ Sigrune Patches Wanted

Want early DJ Sigrune patches. See this link for photo of examples.

The weapon that killed Mussolini

French MAS 38 with some History........

BBC NEWS | Europe | Gun that killed Mussolini shown

Finding “Uncle” Joe on the Somme

I've been intending to post this for a while, and whilst isnt actually about ww1 relics it does start with one.

Back when I was smaller in the early 80s I found 2 old medals in an old wardrobe on the farm I lived on, the first was a police reserve medal (black and red ribbon) belonging to my great grandfather A Naylor, the other was a ww1 victory medal to a J Naylor 5000, Royal war regt. The first was easy enough to explain, A Naylor (gt grandfather) had polio as a child and couldnt enlist, but was made a special constable, the second bore the itintial of my grandfather Joseph, born in 1918, so obviously there was another J Naylor in the family before my grandfather, after a few questions family tradition had it that Joe senior (Arthurs older brother) was listed missing on the somme. Arthur subsequently 2 years after his brothers death naming his newborn son after his missing older brother.

The years passed until I became a bit more curious about Joe senior, so I resolved in 1995 to start a little more investigation. A letter to the Royal Warwickshire regimental museum in Warwick revealed that he died on 25/07/1916, indeed on the Somme....but where? And why was he in the Warwickshire regiment when he had lived in Derbyshire all of his 27 years (never did get the answer to this)

The letter from the museum also contained a copy of the months regimental war diary, a pic of which should be below... It revealed that the 1/7th were engaged in attacking a stromg point close to Pozieres to asist the Anzacs on the day Joe is listed as missing, and that the attack had failed after stokes mortars fell short and killed some of the attacking force! of the 18 killed that day 7 were killed in a "blue on blue".

This was as far as I could get with the investigation at the time, studies and other things got in the way until a few years ago when I dusted the old file off and noticed that there was a map reference to the strongpoint that was being attacked, a quick input of this gibberish 57D SE revealed a company in Leeds who would print a copy of the map....So I sent off for it, eagerly awaiting it and dissappointed when I couldnt figure out how to translate the grid reference (being ex mil and only understanding numbers) After a few hrs searching the internet for any ideas I suddeny realised that the instructions on how to take a grid reference were printed on the side of the map Doh!:o

The point should be marked on a copy of the map below by a circle and the approximate arcs of fire.

I took a trip in 2007 to the Theipval memorial and the Ledger Ex-Para tour guide (who even though I was a former crap-hat) agreed to stop to let me take a picture of the position of the strong point and the ground in front of it, picture should also be below. Peaceful enough of course now, and a lovely april sunny day.

I am satisfied that pinpointing the approximate square kilometer where Joe met his end is the nearest I can get. The family to my knowledge never visited the site before or the name on the memorial (which odly enough faces the village of pozieres) but there are still gaps....hence the reason for the post! If anyone has any information on what the 1/7th Royal war reg got upto before the somme I would be fascinated to know, also there are no known pictures of Joe in uniform. There is quite alot about the 1/8 Royal war birmingham palls, but little on the 1/7th
Does anyone know if there are any Royal Warwickshire Regiment graves in the nearby British cemetary on the Albert Bapaumne rd? I plan another visit but it wont be in the near future. Any info would be greatly appreciated,

With thanks and best wishes

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From Russian forests…3

Some of the old photos. My field seasons 1996-2005...
On the last - some Viking veapons, 9-10 century.

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Relic 98k bayonet

Hi all,
This is a very interesting forum. I have a 98k relic bayonet that my father found in Nuremburg in the early 1950s. For better or worse, he painted the metal parts to stop the rust. I'm wondering if it is worth it to remove the paint and if so what is the best technique to do so. The metal underneath has lots of small pitting from rust.

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