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WWII Japanese shin gunto sword

Hi I have this Japanese sword from WWII I was hoping for any info about it? Is it good or bad. I took the handle off and it was sighned on both sides. Anyone know what it is worth? Thanks kenny

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EK2 mm23

My latest purchase

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War Merit Cross with Swords in box

Is there any possible way to trace the original recipient/descendants of the above medal-

War Merit Cross with Swords in box

Is there any possible way to trace the original recipient/descendants of the above medal-

Puma-knife found in a derelict barn

Wanna show you this relic Wehrmacht Puma fighting-knife, that was found in a barn.

It´s in a pretty bad condition, but I like it ! :)

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Need help! How much is this breadbag worth?Is it original?

Hey guys,
Im thinking about buying this breadbag,But Im not sure if its original,And how much its worth.Can anybody help me?
Thanks cool militaria

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Imperial German Boards??

Would appreciate some input realtive to these General Officer slip on Boards, not my area of collecting :confused:- Thanks


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WAC’s in CBI

Hello To All
Its not really my area of collecting but in my family, Im the collector and when someone passes and was in the service ,they know that I would be interested and take care of any Service related item they may have ,Well my Great Aunt Annie passed and I got a box in the mail from one of here neice's (my Cous)with her service uniform.
Well she was a Staff Sgt. in the CBI theater stationed in India attached to the Air Transport Command.
This is what I have figured out from researching the patches on the Uniform.
They made some sweeet patches in india.
These are the bullion type on the jacket and the cotton on the shirt.
I'll try to get some pic's and post if anybody is interested??

Royal Artillery Buttons

I recently picked up this set of RA buttons at a fair, shame there is no box lid and a button clip is also missing.

Has anyone got an idea of the age of this item.

Thanks z4

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Imperial German “Jugend” Magazine Cover 1915 ~Aviation Theme~

Who says treasure can't be found on ebay...I won this for a whopping $3.75.:eek: It will look very nice framed and matted on the wall...;)

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