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Need help! Wehrmacht holster


Hi friends I found that Holster, I am searching for information, but I can’t find enough information, can you help me. Is it real or fake? Thank you!

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Hello to everyone on this forum, I have collected German Militaria for 45 years or so, and am currently restoring a mount for an Mg 131 (no I don’t have one), I am about 2/3 of the way through and have come to a difficult problem (my own fault) I purchased one of the SD 131 electric cocking mechanisms. It was in a pretty bad shape but I did a quick restore on to stop rust etc. Now I am doing an in depth restoration, I removed the electric motor from the shell and the gear box and have just about finished hopefully I will have it running. But when I was disassembling the gear box I dropped the bits from the clutch and have lost the order they go in the house in the gear box. Would anyone know or have a clear photo of the order these plates go. I hope this is clear if not just drop me a line and I will send some photos. Thanks a lot Iain

Kordel für Kragenspiegel in Aluminium matt Deutsch 2WK, 1 Meter

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Alter Stahlhelm TB6725

EUR 25,00
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Polish K98 Bayonet for discussion

It has been brought to my attention and currently for sale in the classifieds section that this bayonet would may be lacking necessary details only the eyes of the Bayonet gent could answer. Included below is the write up :

" A rare Polish bayonet made by RADOM in 1939. It has been reissued by the WWII german army. It has been blued, the muzzle has been removed and "eagle77" has been stamped on the back of the blade and the scabbard.

A very rare modification…!!! ( End quote )


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Question RFSS 2nd Patt Cuff title?

I would really appreciate your help re this 2nd pattern RFSS cuff band band.
Its a good original piece but not in fantastic condition.
I have had a couple a very varied estimates at a fair price for this band but there is a colossal difference between
the 2 …I would appreciate a couple of expert opinions.

Many thanks!!


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M40 Tropical ‘DAK’ cap for review - Mutzen-Fabrik Dressen, Rheydt (F 42)

Hi, hope you like this cap! A size 58cm made by Mutzen-Fabrik Dressen, manufactured in the town of Rheydt (near Monchengladbach), and accepted at the Frankfurt Depot in 1942 (F 42).

It seems to exhibit a number of traits normally seen with this maker (zig-zag sewn insignia, the 2 widely spaced stitch lines above the peak, tan rivets, light coloured stitching etc), and is the earlier of the 2 types (i.e manufactured with a soutache, then slightly later without a soutache, but always with a sweatband and I believe exclusively in 1942).

This example would I think be manufactured prior to July 1942, with the soutache subsequently removed according to the regulations of that date, either in the supply chain or in the field.

The soutache (which was Artillery red) seems to me to have been removed in a non-professional manner, perhaps by a soldier in the field? A tailor might have made a better job of it’s removal? As I understand it the sweatbands were first added at the beginning of 1942, so in theory putting this cap in the first half of 1942 for manufacture/ Depot acceptance.

Another example (formerly LeeG collection, and before that Ralph Heinz collection) of this same maker was recently sold on the Virtual Grenadier website:- - See this link for pictures.

The manufacturing traits can can be seen across the 2 caps, although the zig-zag insignia stitching is tighter on this example. WAF member Lodsworth’s recent (2019) detailed study of M40 tropical caps refers to this among the 10 surviving examples known to him, where he states that "their eagles and cockades are applied using wide or narrow (my emphasis) machine zigzag-lock stitch" so I am assuming that he has viewed other examples by this maker with a similar narrow zigzag insignia application.

In the same study he states that all the known examples from this maker are ‘Type 2′ (with sweatband), and all dated 1942. I wonder if this is as tropical cap production was expanding in 1942 with new contractors being commissioned, but by the end of the year (events in North Africa) it was surmised that less caps would be needed (!) and production was scaled down a little. It’s noteworthy that another tropical cap maker Felix Weissbach did cease tropical cap production in 1942 when the factory was repurposed for armaments production. More details can be found on this thread (where there also links to Mike T’s excellent and highly detailed 2019 in depth tropical cap study / database):-

M40 Tropical ‘DAK’ cap for review - F. Weissbach, Glauchau (E41) - Felix Weissbach M40 tropical cap

I have asked the seller if there is any known history with the cap and am awaiting a response.

Other than that I would say it has been worn, but have not examined it in hand yet.

Regards, Paul

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original Wehrmacht M 35 Stahlhelm mit Hersteller NS 64,

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EdgeLine Steel

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dachbodenfund wehrmacht hose 1

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