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Unusual Tinnie

Hello folks.

Another one included with the helmet. A very unusual tinnie, of a type I have not seen before. It bears a date of 10 April 1938, and appears to be referencing the Greater German Reich. I do note the strange spelling of ‘Groszdeutschland’. I was told that this was originally pinned to an SA brown shirt, but am not sure if it has any direct link to the SA. If it’s a fake, it’s a very detailed one. The names of various cities are embossed on the outline of the German Reich.


Regards, B.B.

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Konvolut 3x Stahlhelm-Niete DS195

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End Date: 04. Nov. 15:32
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Infanterie Sturmabzeichen im Silber

Hello folks.

This was a freebie thrown in with the M42 helmet sold to me by David. We’re both fairly certain it isn’t authentic, but I’d like to confirm this before I send it to my box of miscellaneous crap. All assistance is greatly appreciated, as always.


Regards, B.B.

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help needed with SS Decal

What do you think of this decal ? its on a M42 HKP64 batch number 2733 thank you for any help

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Need help! which helmet is this?

Hi guys
I buyed a month ago this helmet with 3 others for 60€
The decals are Repros that my best friend installed after he said me its a german steel helmet
I dont know if it is a helmet from the third Reich or not ?
it is not made from steel, i think it is made from Vulcanfiber
In the liner is a RBN number marked and the shell is marked 05
I hope you some Experts can help me
Regards from munic

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Need help! Early M35 Luftwaffe DD Helmet Opinions

Greetings all, posted one the other day similar to this that turned out to be fake. I was on the fence about that one but this one seems much much more to be an original in my opinion.

Looking to pick up my first Lufty Helmet and would love some thoughts. I am pretty convinced it is good, but wanted to double check and also inquire about if the chinstrap is original as well. Hoping not to pay too much! Thanks1247950124795112479521247953124795412479551247956124795712479581247959

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Konvolut alte Schulterklappen Feuerlöschpolizei etc. ? Fundgrube DS187

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British miniature medals

Good afternoon gents,

I have seen a couple of threads concerning this subject but none seemed suitable to add to. Also, whils the pieces I show here are WWI I deliberately left that out of the title to encourage members to add minis from other periods. Miniature medals feature prominently in many military forces and especially so in the British.

I post these now as the centenary of the end of the Great War is almost upon us.

Certainly with British miniatures the quality of modern pieces is nothing compared to earlier ones especially the early 20th century.

1. A 1914 - 15 trio (1914 - 15 Star, Britsh War Medal and Victory Medal) in a presentation case.
As miniatures are usually only worn in Mess Kit they tend not to have been owned by junior ranks (there are exceptions in some regiments) unless for wear at a formal occasion in a dinner suit. So, with this set being marked for a supplier in Glasgow it is not unreasonable to assume this was owned by an officer or senior NCO of a Scottish regiment.

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Need help! SS1 Deutschland RZM collar tab

Hi All

Can anyone help with this collar tab, I am not sure about it….the paper tag on the back I think is a fake one as too white and looks like it has been printed on modern paper.

Any help is greatly appreciated

All the best

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Two recent IAB in silver acquisitions.

Purchased these from eMedals in early August. Neither is maker marked. The one on the left is cast zink/copper and was advertised as coming from the collection of Thomas Durante. The one on the right is silvered zink and has a left-opening catch. The silver finish is in very fine condition and brighter than any others I have so I picked it up.
Thanks to Ralph (rbminis) and Tom himself, I now know the makers are Deschler & Sohne (left) and Alois Rettenmaier (right).


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