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Original WK2 Luftschutz Klangkörper Alarm Sirene Teller Gong Tellergong WH WK 2

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German Souvenir PARIS Ring

Hello All,
this is the second of two rings that I came by this weekend.

The blue enamel front is still in quite tidy condition and has the simple face with the wording:
PARIS 14 VI 1940….The date of German entry in to Paris.

There is a small .925 hallmark and makers logo …I think it says RI?

So it is my belief that this was made locally in France and sold as a souvenir.
I may be wrong but German silver standards were 800, 900 and 999. I may be wrong.

Both shoulders are decorated with an oak leaf cluster.

Observations or opinions welcomed



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WH - Offiziersbreecheshose / Breecheshose

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Schulterklappen aus Hausräumung - 1 Paar Schulterklappen in schöner Erhaltung

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WW1 Crested China display

Hi everyone, I thought I would show some crested china and related items from The Great War. Crested China ornaments were sold in souvenir shops in Britain in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and during the war various manufacturers produced military themed items. These items were widely collected at the time, and displayed to show the different places a person had visited (as they bear the crest of the town or city they were sold in.) Shown here with some other decorative WW1 items. Any comments welcome. Doug

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NSDAP 2nd pattern pole top —

What do you all think? Original or a very well made repro? Been comparing it to a RZM M3/34/35 marked example I had a while back and can’t find single problem with regards to detail and finish etc. A few pock marks here and there but these were also visible on the one I had earlier— if I had to point out anything this would be it but I’m not sure it’s a bad sign in and of itself…

Only thing I do not have is a photo of the RZM markings—


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ORIGINAL Schnaps Tablett um 1900, Collage aus Zigarrenbinden, Gr.: 33 x 21

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Alter Ring /Silber mit Stahlhelm ,, Ich beklage einen Helden ,, mit Stahlhelm

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for sale M35 Heer reissue


by: Nmilitaria

Description: Very nice M35 Heer reissue, 100% complete and original.

War Relics Militaria sales

Kz tour - spring 2016

The dates for the next KZ tour have recently been confirmed. Pleased to now be able to announce the dates for our next tour, which will depart in spring 2016. As before, if interested please let me know as soon as possible - this helps not only with organisation but assists with keeping the costs lower for all involved. More details to follow but basic outline below:

TOUR STARTING POINT AND DATE - PRAGUE (airport collection if possible) morning of Tuesday 12th April

DURATION OF TOUR - 2 full days (one night spent away in Germany)

Camps incorporated into the itinerary - KL-Sachsenhausen and the only major Konzentrationslager to be primarily established for women, f.KL-Ravensbrück. Additional site(s) to be added once full itinerary has been completed. The visit to the Sachsenhausen camp will likely include a stop at the T-Gebäude ("T-Building"), site of the Concentration Camp Inspectorate from 1938 which now holds a museum.


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