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Question soviet/czech helmet what model is this?


Please help me, i have bought this helmet very cheaply. Please tell me when and who made it ? It has a number 31 stumped on the inside thats it and it has 3 rivets. looks very new, the straps inside might have been replaced , please tell me the model and all you know cheerz.

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Tag Inside General’s Trousers

This is the tag inside a pair of Air Force general’s trousers. Will this identify the era of production? I appreciate any translation help.

Thank you,
Bob Hritz

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Hungarian para´s training-knife

Wanna show you an hungarian paratrooper´s training- knife.

Holding this massive "knife" in your hand you´d might imagine, that "training" with this "dummy" for sure was very painful ...

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Interesting relic?

Hello, just got this ground relic M35 today. Most original paint is gone but it has some spots left. And it has different colours, dark grey with what looks like red(ish) too.
When I removed some rust I also found a bit of white underneith, but it´s not much I must admit :rolleyes: I don´t want to hack on it any more.
Could the red be colour changes through time or some kind of camoflague?
It also has a hole by the airvent, the rest of the helmet i solid though. Perhaps battle damage as the helmet is a bit flattened on this side too.
I like ground relics, must admit that a better helmet would be great to own (I´ve seen a lot of your beautiful helmets) but they´re also a lot more expensive. Got this one for less than $50.

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Question Bulgarian M36?

Hi all,

I just purchased this helmet. The seller claimed it was a German m36(?) made by Eisenhuttenwerk Thale. I knew it wasn't because of the ridge in the middle, but all of the Bulgarian helmets I've seen have had relatively small rivets on the sides, and these appear to be very large. Could there have been any truth to his story? or are they possibly post-war? Any info would be great.

I'll have more pics once it arrives

Thanks, John

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some questions regarding refurbishing a helmet

hi guys, i have a nice ET68 helmet that was used and repainted by a reenactor. it has a poor heer decal on it and i want to refurbish it and age it for my own reenacting use. i have never done this before but i have an idea of what i am supposed to do. i want to make it as real as possible so here are a few questions i have:

1. I want to make it a single decal SS helmet. Do any of you have an ET single decal SS helmet that i could see pictures of so I know what shade of paint I should use? i know that there were variants but like i said, i want it to be as close as possible to the real thing : )

2. what maker/style/pattern decal should i use on an ET M40 SS helmet?

3. what should the liner band be made of to be period correct? i know that there were zinc and aluminum types but i really dont know which ones go in what helmets.

4. lastly, do any of you know of a website with the best reproduction decals, paints, and liners available? i want this helmet to be able to fool collectors (although that is definately NOT my intention). i just want to make this my little project because frankly, i have nothing to do until school starts for me in august!

thanks a lot guys, ill be sure to post photos as soon as im finished!

1945 (Late/Post War) M1938 Mosin Nagant Carbine

Just thought I'd show the latest addition to my collection, I've had it for a few weeks and have finally got round to photographing it. I've just also had a look on wikipedia and it says that there were very few of these weapons made in 1945 and that they are highly saught after by collectors? But being wikipedia I'm not too sure if this information is accurate, so would anyone else be able to let me know if this is in fact true?
Anyway back to the carbine, for the price these things sell for they are very good value and I really suggest it to anyone thats thinking of starting a collection of deactivated weapons. Very cheap and easy to find, and also quite nice looking. Another advantage is that the deactivation leaves most of the bolt intact meaning that it can be cocked and dry fired, however will not chamber inert rounds.

Heres the pictures, hopefully you enjoy them.....



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U.S. Jumpwings

Picked these up a while back. It is still on its original issue card and in its packaging. Obviously I can't remove it to see the back, so I was wondering what anyone else here can tell me about them. The staple on the package is rusting, so they must be somewhat old, but I have no idea. Any info on its authenticity and year would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Russian soviet medal order patriotic war

SOVIET RUSSIAN ORDER MEDAL Patriotic War, saying the number on the back is:

- 271057

That era is?
What would be your price?

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Hello Dimas,
Looks like we are being spammed by 'bivu' flogging instruments, am I correct?
Best regards,

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