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Sacked By Hitler

Did you see this cutting in the paper yesteday, I would have loved to have seen hitlers face at the time.

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Flakkampf heeres original?

Hello! I wonder if someone can tell if this award is original or fake.
I have not bought it yet , so I just wonder.
Grateful for help.

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Japanese Type 90 7cm 75mm H.E. Anti-Aircraft Projectile and Shell

Enjoy this Japanese Type 90 75mm H.E. Anti-Aircraft Projectile and Shell... Fuse: Type 89 Long Pointed powder time fuse.. 19 9/16" long shell case used with Japanese Type 88 Anti-Aircraft Cannon....BILL

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Some paperwork in today.


A small group of items among which bits from a kid that has been evacuated. As I learned from Ade that the KLV dealt with aspect of getting the3 kids out of the towns. The small poesie book has this kids memories poems and quotes etc, some state where and when and it was interesting for me to see the names of KLV lagers etc. Presumably done while seperated from family.

I also like the slate pencils. Presumably used for school work but with the HJ on front.

A post card set.

Goerings book with dust cover.

A year book that was in the local munitions lager library. Initialy donated by the local party leadership and stamped with the post stamp.:)

Lets see what tomorrow holds?


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Some pictures I found.

Here,s some pictures I found while doing a bit of internet surfing. Hope you like.


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Question Unusual Gunbelt and holster RCAF

Ok gents, Do I have one for YOU!

SO, I have this gunbelt and holster. It looks western in styling, brown. That is where the simplicities end.

The buttons, all of which are gold plated it would appear, say RCAF, and have an eagle and a crown.

I have been told that it was part of the uniform for the RCAF Cavalry? My grandfather was apparently a member. (I am waiting for a chance to ask him for more details)

Has anyone seen this before? because last I checked the Canadian air force doesn't fly horses.


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Grossdeutschland shoulder straps opinion

Need an opinion on those grossdeutschland shoulder straps. Are they good, and what would be a reasonable price for them.


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HJ armband

hello guys,
what about this armband, genuine?

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M40 production

nice video (short) about how the M40 helmet were produced:

YouTube - M40 helmet production

What is this?

What is this?

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