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Panzerkampfabzeichen W

Hello my new badge , bought accidentally :)

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SA/NSDAP group. What are they wearing?

I have this group photo of NSDAP and SA men. Looks like they are wearing political caps, but they are not familiar to me. Also, they have some kind of service shirts over their regular political or SA shirts. I wonder what’s going on…


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Need help! Read/translate German handwriting on back of photo

Hi all - this is my first post, and I hope someone can help. I recently acquired a few books, one of the Hermann Goring’s biography "Werk Und Mensch", published in 1941. Inside the book was a photo of a German officer (?) talking to a woman, with a handwritten inscription on the back. I can’t make it out because it’s written in German cursive.

Can anyone in the forum read/translate this, and perhaps even tell if the officer is anyone of note. I have included photos of the frontspiece of the book as well, as I think perhaps the person in the photo has something to do with the signatory of the frontspiece.

I appreciate any help!!141129114112901411289141129114112901411289

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3rd Reich items for review authentic?

Probably some fakes here,price was too good to be true.any info appreciated.

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Large shell dated 42,info appreciated

Brass shell caseing dated 1942,a pop can shown with it for scale,probably weighs 15 lbs or more,what gun would have shot these?

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My name is Risto, im from Republic of North Macedonia, collector of bayonets.
I have few of them, planing to buy more for my personal collection.
Best regards to all :):):)

MKII Home Guard (double netted)

Evening gents,
I have not been around for a while, what with my Dad’s kidney transplant and my mum being the doner! Also my little lads got some issues so militaria has been on the back burner. That said, thanks to those who have PM’d me to ask if i were ok over the last few months.
I just snapped up this nice double netted Home Guard helmet that is stamped FLL size 7 and has the gloss paint remaining to the inside but has the rough over paint to the exterior. Once i have it in hand i will take some extra images.
All the best one and all, stay safe. Leon.

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Stahlhelm Wehrmacht 2. WK

EUR 20,00 (1 Bids)
End Date: 23. Mai. 21:17
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NKVD buttonhole?

Hello, I think this is a nkvd buttonhole, but I’m maybe wrong. Raul



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Military Inspired Art

Hey everyone,
Some of you were nice enough tp advise me to share my work here. Before I do so, let me explain what I do:
I’m a graphic designer/artist and I only make vintage military art. I did work with some museums in the US to create some t-shirt designs for example. I use modern and old methods to make my designs. I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Here are a few examples:

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