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My First Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse

Hi guys, This is my very first Eisernes Kreuz! I think its a Jakob Bengel according to my research, its marked "44". Did I do good?
I can see how these can get addicting. Can anyone recommend a good reference book?

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photoshop fun

It's been a cold rainy day so I passed some time playing with
some of my Eks.

A couple of these you may have seen before and some I just
finshed up this afternoon.

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Need help! Training pineapple grenade?

heres another new find for me, a cast iron pineapple type grenade.Its hollow and has two holes, one at the bottom and the other on the side towards the top.It is all cast as one piece with the remains of a pin.Looks like it was sand cast has a bit of age to it i think..Is it a training device?Someone having fun at the foundry?!Unusual ornament?Thanks for looking.

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35 army dagger

Here’s another from my collection. How would you rate the condition? I understand may of these were made, I’d guess that affects what value an auction might bring?

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Need help! Desert rats?+ a mystery one!

I recently bought these three patches and i was hoping the members here could help me with the id of them.
At the top what i was told are original ww2 desert rats patches.I was offered a set of medals from the same owner but couldnt afford them...They are stitched onto a wool/serge type material with a cotton gauze backing.They look like theyve been there!(and they have)
Below them, a complete mystery.Fire service?Military?civilian?Embroidered onto felt this time.Two matching buttons as well.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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German WWI trench-knife Aesculap-Werke

Hello !

Day´s ago I catched some German WWI trench-knive´s.
Among them this one, maker: Jetter & Scheerer, Aesculap-Werke, Tuttlingen.

The condition isn´t that good, but I like it !



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Orange iron cross ribbon

Hi there at first I thought the iron cross ribbon was faded but when I turned it over and looked at the back its the same colour there so its always been orange :)

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Need help! Uniform ID please

Please help, I believe that my father was in the Airforce and was a Jr.Lieutenant between 1967-1973 I cant seem to find that type of tunic anywhere. If anyone has this uniform I would love to buy it!

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Soviet sports awards, 1930’s

Hello all,
here are two soviet awards, for sports...
does anyone have a web site link, regarding these type of awards as i would like to find out more information....

We should rid our ranks of all impotent thinking. All views that overestimate the strength of the enemy and underestimate the strength of the people are wrong.

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Military booklet

Military booklet and picture

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