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Following up Wadowicznic"s post on the Pogon insignia, I found this undated photo in my collection....

It shows General Anders, an unidentified colonel and Podchorarzy wearing the Pogun insignia.

This is a fairly unique and little-known organization - does anybody have anything else?


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Need help! Italian Helmet?

Can anyone help me identify what type helmet this is and an approximate value? Along with other letters and numbers on the tag on the inside rim reads 1902. Any and all information is appreciated and thanks in advance.

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Is there hope?

I just wanted to show how NOT to store/display one's collection - no matter how large or small it may be.

I have a lot of stuff, but limited space. I have the whole day off, but do not know where to start... :confused:

Worst of all, I plan on selling NOTHING... I just can't bear to part with any of it. :D

I'll show more images when and if I can get this all organized and tidy. :rolleyes:

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Need help! With My Luftwaffe Soldbuch

I bought this soldbuch a little while ago. I do not speak German, so I have almost no idea what many of the terms in this book are. This book interested me because of all of the units he was in, and he was issued a Belgian pistol.

The seller told me that this was the second one given to the soldier, mabey because the first one was lost or was full (is this true?) I can tell the this person was in many units such as Flak and a Fiel-Division. Can anybody tell me what else he did?

All of the pages that have writing are in the pictures. The "issued equipment section" seems to have only half of the page?????

Why was he in so many units? What rank equivalent to the USA would he have had? What was his job during the war?

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Soviet Naval Infantry

Need help! M35 Fallschirmjager Double Decal Shell

Hiya All,
Your Comments would be greatly appreciated please! Many Thanks, Best Regards, Gordon

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Is this knife a fantasy, or real?

I, personally, do not like this, because of the style of knife it is (modern) , and the 2 Hakenkreuzen on the blades. I think that is definitely over-kill! But I could be wrong. There is a plaque on the handle that supposedly says: "FUHRER FABRIK KRUPP 1943" I can't read that, myself. The knife is supposed to be very heavy, and well made, but still the 2 Hakenkreuzen on the blade makes me suspicious. What do YOU think? Thanks! ps: What kind of eagle is this?

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m40,4 vents ,and ear cut out picture

guys this finally is that rare helmet,and surely this must be the rarest m40 on the planet and therefore the most exspensive to buy

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Need help! Pilotka Air Force

Hello everyone,
what do you think of this pilotka M35
The tagging seems doubtful?
Thank you for your help

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Question Officers SS Tunic?

Hello, My first thread, so thank you for a fantastic site. :)
I'd like to pick your brains on this item please. I recently brought this from an antique shop in Jersey, C.I. Now I know we didn't have any SS stationed in Jersey to my Knowledge, but does anyone know if it is genuine (It looks fine but I've never seen one before) and any other information about it please.

I paid £180 for it, what do you think it's worth or have I been robbed!?

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