Stahlhelm M18 -M16 kavallerie / - Wehrmacht

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Question New Iron Cross Real or Fake?


EK2 from 1914. The core is magnetic and wobbles a little when touched, but i tried to catch fire to a thread of a ribbon, and it barely catches fire, and it does not bend.



EK2 from 1939. The core is also magnetic, but it doesn’t wobble around, I can see it’s a separate piece but doesn’t move, has some rust on the edges, doesn’t bend. and the thread does catch fire.

Anyone can tell me if these are real or not?

thank you in advance.

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Question Need some help (Weitze militaria)

Hello everyone, i’m really new into this hobby, I just purchased my first two EK2 (1914 & 1939). I’m interested in finding a good European dealer, i’ve been looking at Weitze militaria, and from what i could see, people are fairly divided in their opinions of it.

Here is my doubt tho, people say his prices are expensive, but from what I saw they are very cheap in some stuff (so cheap it makes me doubt the authenticity). For example the "Next-Of-Kin Cross Of Honor 1914-1918", in Weitze Militaria can be found for 20 Euros html

and in for example Military Antiques Stockholm it’s listed as 55 Euros (I see it includes the miniature but does the miniature really cost 35€?)

Another doubt from someone who is just starting, how can real medals from 80 years ago be sold for so cheap as 10 euros?

Thank you everyone, again, sorry for my ignorance.

Question Sa dagger fake / real ? Identification , year , authentication

This is my first time posting. I found this in my relatives storage after she died. I dont know anything about it. From the research i have done I’m completely lost on whether it is real or not. Any info you might have on it would be greatly appreciated.


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Signed Bismarck survivor photograph


Signed 8 x 10 photograph of Bismarck survivor Bruno Rzonca. He was awarded the EK2 during the Norwegian campaign and spent several years as a P.O.W. before eventually emigrating to the USA. He was the only Bismarck survivor living in the USA and used to appear at Chicago area militaria shows in the 1990’s. He passed away in Crown Point, Indiana in 2004.

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Need help! Heer “Großdeutschland” field tunic for a Feldwebel. Solid?

Hello All - first post on the forum. Saw this GD tunic on an auction site and was curious what the experts thought? Would welcome your thoughts.


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Opinions on M35 Reissue

Hey guys just wanted some opinions on this M35 reissue.

Thanks for the help!


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Orig. Kragenspiegel, wiesengrün, Offizier Gebirgsjäger : Uniform-Effekte

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Orig. Kragenspiegel, Beamter a.K. : graue Patte : Uniform-Effekte

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Translation needed — Document Mladshiy komandir M.A. Zhukov.

Can anyone help me to translate.


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