Stahlhelm M38 Deutsche Luftwaffe Afrikacorps / Stempel im Futter !!!

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LeŽáky - 75th anniversary

Tomorrow, Saturday 24th June 2017, marks 75 years since the destruction of the former stone mason village Ležáky and massacre of almost all of its inhabitants. Forgotten and ignored by many for so long, the events that took place 75 years ago will be remembered this weekend at the memorial site, which is operated by the Lidice Memorial organisation. Links below address the commemorative events due to take place this Sunday, the official website of the memorial (English, German and Czech language versions available) and an earlier thread with more information about the history of the site.


Reverent commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the annihilation of Le


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Propaganda Magazines - Wehrmacht, Adler, Sirene…

Good Morning, Friends…
I scored this Stack of Magazines yesterday for a Total of $25!! :)
These date from 1939-1944 - And although they aren’t in the best condition -loose pages, a few tears here and there- They’re packed with photos and provide excellent Material to study the Regime’s Propaganda-Techniques - as they continued to exert a Powerful Impact over Public Opinion despite an increasingly desperate Situation…
These should keep me busy and out of trouble for a few days at least, lol….:)
cheers, Glenn

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Stahlhelm M42 mit Futter, ET66 / 1960

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26th Infanterie-Division RK recipients commemorative ribbon


Hello to all. I wanted to share with you and get some opinions on a piece that s been in my collection a while. This ribbon as best as I can tell is a commemorative piece paying tribute to RK award winners from the 26th Infanterie-Division. I figure the names with the crosses adjacent were deceased assumedly k.i.a? It came to me as part of a larger collection of miscellaneous pieces that I purchased. I was curious if anyone has ever seen one similar? What would it’s origins be? Private purchase, cottage made? Given to one of the recipients themselves? It’s an unusual piece. I absolutely believe it’s period authentic. Not to validate it’s authenticity but i recently attended a taping of the antiques roadshow, it was a singular piece one of many the appraiser viewed in short span of time, but he didn’t bat an eye about it’s originality but he did say he d never seen one similar and did assign a monetary value to it I was pleased with. Not ecstatic but pleased lol. Anyhow thanks for your time and opinions on this. As usual any help and information is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Best regards.


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stahlhelm, WH, WK II Bodenfund,helm,helmet,

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Need help! I cant tell if this uniform is original or not Please help!!! luftwaffe m36/40 ?

It looks original to me but i noticed the OLC buttons (overhoff & cie ) and someone told me these were still roduced after the war. Please help me to indentify. Thanks!
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Important! Looking for the German Cross in Gold Award Document of MAX KLINGER (Unteroffizier)

Hello all,

new to this forum and already a burning question; or better request!

I own the German Cross in Gold (Juncker) awarded to unteroffizier Max Klinger of the 3. Pz. Jg. Art. 173.
He was awarded this decoration of september 4th, 1942. I have seen the original award document on a well-known dealer’s website, but it has sold…. As you might all understand, I HAVE TO make this set complete again, therefore I am looking for this particular award document.

If you have any information, or you have this certain document….let me know please!

Kind regards,


General Busch Parade Stahlhelm Kriegsschule Potsdam spricht zum Regiment

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SS-Dienstauszeichnung 3.Stufe (8 Jahre)

Hi again. Another one where I want your opinions on please.
This time a nice boxed 8 years SS service medal. Thanks in advance.


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