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Need help! HJ armband. good or bad.

Hi, this is a HJ armband iv'e had for a number of years.Second opinion would be appreciated.

Cheers Brookes.

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who´s the maker ? ? ?

Hi !

Someone of you know´s this maker´s-mark ?



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Need help! Insigna artillerie ? Pioniere?

Hello everybody, I just found these insigna ? and I have no idea what they are.
The back of the red one, is the one where it says "artillerie".
Every help is welcome.

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Question Need help identifying this bayonet..

This bayonet has been in the family for over 50 years, it was retrieved while my father-in-law's dad was serving under Patton in north Africa during WW2 off of deceased German troops.

I recently took it to a gun and knife show to see if anyone could identify it, and multiple people said it didn't look like a weapon from WW2; but it did look like possibly and Austrian bayonet from WW1. I was thinking possibly that it was handed down to the deceased German soldier sometime in his life, and he had brought it to war, and then it had gotten retrieved by my father-in-law's dad.

I don't have that great of a camera, but hopefully you can get a decent idea of what it looks like. I cannot find any markings on it, but it measures out to be 28" total with a 22.5" blade.

Thanks in advance for any help. cool militaria


I just noticed a partial marking on the blade that I hadn't noticed before. It is very worn, but I can make out half of it, it has a circle around it and the last two letters are "D.L"; I will see if I can get a decent picture of the marking uploaded.

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Trench knife/bayonet EB2

This trenchknife / bayonet was produced by Robert Klaas & Cie (see the manufacturers stamp of the 2 birds)... Most of these were produced by Franz Koeller & Cie, Solingen-Ohlings and Gottlieb Hammersfahr & Cie, Solingen.
I think it's a private purchase for a few reasons:
1) there is no inspection stamp present.
2) the leather of the strap is of finer quality than normal (mayby that's why it has a period repair...)
3) there's a button hole at the back of the strap, which I think is not standard
Nevertheless it's a very rare item, certainly in the original color...


Adler 1

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Question Browning 22 Pump Rifle

Hi All,

I have a Browning 22 caliber pump rifle that my father got when he captured a German soldier during WW2, who had the rifle in his possession. I don't remember how my father said he got it back to the states. He is gone now and I can't ask again. The rifle has written on the barrel "fabrique nationale d'armes de guerre herstal belgique" and under that "Browning's Patent Depose". It also has some strange looking symbols and the letters FT 22C right where the barrel goes into the chamber. On the bottom of the chamber is has the numbers 1335. I sent the rifle to Browning and they did a wonderful job of restoring it. Any information on this rifle would be very much appreciated. Thanks


More P-51 / P-47 collision relics

Thanks to everybody who has supplied extra information about this incident. Below are a few more pictures of items from Slanker's P-51 : Firstly are a couple of views of the spent ammunition ejection ports from the underside of the wings .... The next picture shows part of the runner on which the canopy slid ... Lastly there is something that I'm sure that Steve will recognise ... an exhaust stub.

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Flying Leader Corps

The first pattern of insignia had the Administration Branch color(Dark Green). The collar tabs were the dark green Administrative type. The ranks possible were Hauptmann through Oberstleutnant. The nebenfarbe was golden yellow.

Here is the second pattern of insignia for this organization. The pink branch color was adopted, as were the Engineer style collar insignia. The golden yellow nebenfarbe was retained. I am confused by the High Grade Career outer piping. Has anyone EVER seen an engineer type tab with this outer piping?

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Making a normal peak cap look more ‘SS.’

Hey. So, I'm new here, and, well, I'm planning my outfit for Halloween. I intend on being an SS Commandant, and recently, I got a peaked cap from a shop nearby;

But, as you can see, I really need to remove the yellow colouring. I don't know how to, but is there any way I can alter it?

Help would be really appreciated.

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