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Displaying my SVT40 Rifle

Hi, I guessed that it would be best to post this here.....

I was wondering what the best way would be to display my new rifle that's arriving soon. I've seen some clear plastic stands on ebay but I was wondering if anyone has bought these and are they any good? Or is there any other places where I could get something similar that can be relied upon?
I've thought about making my own stand out of wood, but I'd rather buy something as I dont have many tools :p



US Army Air Corps jacket

I picked this up this weekend . The jacket is for a staff Sgt. with the Army Air Corps. He has aAir Corps patch on one shoulder and a US Army South Atlantic theater patch on the other. His ribbons are the good conduct, American Campaign,and ETO Campaign (ribbons by wolf-brown). He has the Technician Qualification Badge with 2 bars. He has 1 service stripe and four oversea service bars. On the other side he has a engineering specialst patch. His DI are for the Air Corps Tech school. This jacket also came with a named good conduct medal,two shirts ,and a pair of pants. Gary

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M42 Luftwaffe ?

Hi !

Some folks told me, I have an M42 of the Wehrmacht-Luftwaffe and it´s a rare one, because without decals.

Do you agree ?
What´s your opinion ?

Thx. in advance,


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Luft fork and dish

I picked this fork up this weekend at a local show and my pal Rickyodicky was nice and gave me the plate cool militaria. I think they will go very nice together. Gary

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RAD Hewer Rig

Complete RAD Hewer rig reflecting the maker as Wusthof and RAD marks also has a issue # which was probably transposed to either the scabbard or hewer i.e. #510 or #150???. The leather as well as the scabbard are also marked with the issue office(BA - Beschafungs Ampt) of Fu with the german umlaut , this stands for Issue Office Fuerth, germany.The leather hanger is also marked with the maker and date in addition to the unit and issue point.In addition to being a complete rig both the Hewer and the Hanger were issued from the same RAD office/Point.

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KDF Paperweight

Nice Gau Pommern KDF paperweight reflecting an old ship , mounted on a marble base approx 3" X 3" -


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Question What are these?

I've just bought a mixed bag of letters, photos etc, and these were among them, could someone plese tell me what exactly they are for?


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My first k98- 41ASW with minty blade

A matched 41 ASW, made by E.u.F Horster in 1941 it would seem. The bade appears to have its original bluing and is in such pristine shape I doubt it ever saw service. The but plate is perfect with no dings or dents. Scabbard is clean and appears to have original paint with wearing where the frog was.

Only runner marks, and I cleaned up the drags and waxed with ren-wax to eliminate that grindy sound that was occurring upon insertion/removal. The locking button work great and also has a matching SN. What I do not like is that the maker stamp is weak and the “W” is hard to make out.

Also, the scabbard and knife are both marked with the number “68″. Anyone know if that is a group assignment or what?

And here are the pics:

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Helmet collection

Pics of some of my helmets[ATTACH]Attachment 80972[/ATTACH]

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Ribbon Identification

First of all, I'd like to say what a valuable resource this forum and its members are to me.

I wasn't sure which forum to place this so I chose this one. Can anyone identify these W.W. II ribbons for me? Also, is there a web site available that can assist one in identifying ribbons?

Thanks in advance.

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