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Need help! Bahnschutz Railway Police Officer Sleeve Eagle?

Hey Cloth Experts,

Need some brushing up on my insignia knowledge and opinions here. I have always thought I knew the exact difference between Bahnschutz and early SS-VT eagles. I was wondering if I could get verification these two different examples? Are they both the same?

I believe them both to be Railway Protection Police officer’s sleeve eagles but one has more gold thread and one adler’s wings is slight;y thinner it seems. Embroidered in silver-gray thread on dark blue-gray wool base. 4 1/4 inches wide. Some have said in past that Bahnschutz eagles are the ones on dark blue / gray wool backing like this one I have pictured and the black backed wool is strictly SS-VT…Did Bahnschutz as well have both wool backing colors? Seems to me the (Bahnschutzpolizei) eagle beak is far more pronounced and drooping downwards? Were the adler’s wingtips span more upwards as well? Look forward to your thoughts.

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Need help! Deutsches Reichsheer Coded disk?

Hi all!

I was shuffling through some of my Erkennungsmarken and came across this beauty. But I have no idea why it is stamped this way!

It is a pre stamped "DEUTCHES REICHSHEER" disk with the number 1639004 above it. The other side is blank I do not think it is a MOB number but I could be wrong. I have never seen a Luftwaffe disk stamped this way. Any other ideas??

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My single fancy shot glass

Hi all!
After reading and scrolling Wargriffs’ extensive shot glass collection I was inspired to post the only engraved one that I have.

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Original Schulterklappen Und Kragenspiegel

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DAK Afrikakorps Schulterklappen original German Africa Corps shoulder boards ww2

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Question WWII 28th Div enlisted; what kind of shirt was worn under wool 4 button long jacket?

Trying to preserve an enlisted uniform, have wool jacket which I would call Class A? but no shirt. Have a shirt stamped as Khaki with rank and unit patches which I am guessing was issued in 45 to an infantryman furloughed home from Germany to be transferred to the Pacific Theatre. Seems like I have two separate uniforms here?

From my research it sounds like there was an OD worsted wool shirt worn under the wool jacket which would not have had patches?

Thanks for your help

Wehrmachts Stahlhelm

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Need help! 1939 Verwundetenabzeichen en Schwarze concerns?

Hello collector community!
I just received this badge(posted earlier) and after the opportunity to scrutinize closely I have some concerns. Knowing the Germans were meticulous in manufacturing techniques and realizing that quality suffered late in the war, I would kindly like to ask opinions on these concerns. I will show full view photos first; followed by close-ups. Concern #1: In the background dot matrix SOME of the rows of dots are curved as opposed to straight. This doesn’t show well in the photos but is more obvious in hand under the right light conditions. Concern #2: Some of these dots are undeveloped or incomplete as seen in the first close-up photo. Concern #3: The right guard of the right sword has five lines as opposed to the four lines in the other three guards as shown in the second close-up photo. Please let me know what you think of this badge and if this is common stuff on Verwundetenabzeichen or common errors on post war badges. I have a grace period through Tuesday, May 30th, 2017. Thank you for any opinions and help!

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Need help! SS decal to verify


Hey guys, I saw this SS helmet for sale and I was wondering if you think the decal is real. It looks fake to me but I’d like to hear others opinions.

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