German messkit ANS45 marked,info needed

This messkit top is coded and dated 45 but the bottom is SMN 35,the green paint looks original is consistant on both pieces .Were they just using up parts late in the war?

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German soldiers wallet from stalingrad

Something spectacular arrived in the mail today. A German soldiers personal wallet from Stalingrad :shok_yikes: Its filled with German coins with various dates, and other personal items too. Small key, religious symbol, and some type of pin. I also see one coin that isn’t German. possibly Russian? Relics like these make me think. What was the fate of this wallets owner? How did he lose it? Defiantly a piece of history you don’t see every day.

Best regards- Jarret


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Colt 45 continuation of ww2 ser. numbers 1991a1

Made in 1991 Colt continued the ww2 ser. numbers on these pistols.These are not glamous , parkerized finish,just meat and potatoes but its a Colt,some small parts have a plumb finish.I bought this for 450.00,its new old stock,never fired,but it will be!

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The Holocaust: Period Written Account

In 1980, the discovery of a hidden thermos wrapped in leather and buried in the woods at the crematoria complex in Auschwitz-II Birkenau made the news. Now, some decades later, the blurred text of pages written by a Greek member of the Sonderkommando at Birkenau, has finally been made public, almost in its entirety. A student, working on an excavation project at the site, made the discovery but due to the conditions - the papers, although concealed in a thermos wrapped in leather, had spent decades in the dank soil, unfortunately only cca 10-15% of the text, written in Greek, was legible. Previously, hidden documents had been found at the site but they were always written in Yiddish. The Greek document, written by Marcel Nadjari, has painstakingly been deciphered using a digital scanner and the skills of a Russian born IT expert, Aleksandr Nikitjaev. Pavel Polian, a Russian historian who helped restore the letter, described the accounts as "the central documents of the Holocaust". Patently, the historical importance of the material concerned should not be underestimated.

Around 90% of the text is now legible. Below, the translation in full:

NOTE: The letter opens with requests in German, Polish and French for the reader to immediately deliver the package to the nearest Greek consulate.

Please send this
letter to the
nearest Greek

I request that the enclosed
letter be delivered to the next
Greek Consul.

[…] ces quelques mots
par[s?] un condamne [?] a mort […]
[…] le remettre en plus prochain
Consulat de la Grece

Dimitrios A. Stefanides
Rue Kroussovo No 4

To my dear Dimitris Athan.[asius] Stefanidis, Ilias Koen,- Georgios Gounaris.
To my beloved companion, Smaro Efraimidou and so many more, of whom I will always think, and finally, to my beloved fatherland: “ELLAS,” to whom I was always a good citizen. –

On April, 1944 we were transported from our Athens, after I suffered through a month in the camp Chaidari where I always [word crossed out] received good Smaro’s packages, and his efforts on my behalf remain unforgettable in these terrible days I am going through. …always, that you … search … for her.
Dear Misko and at sometime … get her address for me … our Ilias and that you always look after him … and that Manolis (an alias Nadjary used for himself) has not forgotten them.

But also that it looks like we will unfortunately not see one another again. –

After a journey of ten days we arrived at Auschwitz on April 11 where they brought us to the camp Birkenau, we stayed approximately one month in quarantine and from there they relocated us, both the healthy and the sick. Where? Where, dear Misko? To a crematorium, I will explain for you below our lovely work that the Almighty wanted to have us perform. –

It is a large building with a wide chimney with 15 ovens. Underneath a garden there are two huge endless cellars. The one serves as a place to undress and the other as a death chamber, where the people enter naked and after the room is filled with approximately 3000 people, it is locked and they are gassed, where they breathe their last after 6 to 7 minutes of martyrdom. Our work consisted of first receiving them; most did not know the reason … breaking down or sobbing they were told that … this was for a bath … and they went to their deaths suspecting nothing. –

Until today… I said that each … (fragments of words that cannot be deciphered) … I said to them, that I didn’t understand the language in which they spoke to me, and to those people, men and women, where I could see that their fate was sealed, I told the truth. –

After … all naked, they went further into the death chamber in which the Germans had affixed pipes on the ceiling … so they would believe, that the bath was being prepared, with whips in their hands the Germans drove them closer and closer together, so that the largest number possible would fit, a real sardine tin of people, after which they hermetically sealed the door. The boxes of gas always came in cars from the German Red Cross with two SS people … It was the gas people that then poured the gas through the openings. –

After a half hour we opened the doors and our work began. We carried the corpses of these innocent women and children to the elevator, which transported them to the room with the ovens, and there they put them in the ovens, where they burnt without the aid of fuel because of the fat that they had. –

A person produced only about half an okka (640 grams) of ashes, bones that the Germans forced us to crush, to then press through a coarse sieve, and then a car picked it up and poured it into the Vistula River (actually the River Sola), which flows by in the area and thus they eliminate all traces. –

The dramas my eyes have seen are indescribable. About 600 000 Jews from Hungary have passed by my eyes, – French – Poles from Litzmannstadt, roughly 80 000, and now most recently about 10 000 Jews from Theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia arrived. –

Today a transport came from Theresienstadt, but thank God they were not brought to us, they kept them in camps, which means that the order was given not to kill any more Jews, and that appears to be the case, they changed their minds at the last moment – now that there isn’t a single Jew left in Europe, but for us things are different, we must disappear from the face of the earth, because we know so much about the unimaginable methods of their abuses and reprisals. –

Our unit is called the special unit, it included at the beginning about 1000 people, of these 200 Greeks and the rest Poles and Hungarians, and after heroic resistance, because they wanted to only remove 800, because all one hundred outside of the camp and the others inside. My good friends Viko Brudo and Minis Aaron from Thess/niki were killed in action. They will eliminate us too, now that this command has been given, we are 26 Greeks overall and the remaining ones are Polish. At least we Greeks are determined to die like true Greeks, just like every Greek knows how to leave life, by showing until the very last moment, despite the dominance of the criminals, that Greek blood is flowing through our veins, like we have also shown in the war against Italy

My dearests, when you are reading what work I have done, you will say: how could I, Manolis, or anybody else, do this work and burn fellow believers. At the beginning I told myself the same thing, many times, I thought about joining them, in order to end everything. However, the thing that kept me from doing so was revenge; I wanted and I want to live, to revenge the deaths of Dad and Mum, and that of my beloved little sister Nelli.

I am not afraid of dying, after all, how could I fear it, after everything that my eyes have seen? Because of this, dear Ilias, my beloved little cousin, you, and all my friends, should know your duty, once I am no longer. From my little cousin Sarrika Chouli you remember her, the small one that was at my house back then? Who still lives, I learned, that Nellika was together with your little sister Errika, until their very last moment. My only wish is that what I am writing reaches your hands. My family’s property, I leave for you, Misko, with the request that you will take in Ilias, my cousin. Ilias is a Koen and you should view him as if he were myself, you should always look out for him, and in case my cousin Sarika Chouli comes back, you should treat her, dear Misko, like your beloved niece Smaragda, since here we are all experiencing things that the human mind isn’t able to imagine. –

Remember me from time to time, like I am remembering you. –

Fate doesn’t want me to see our Greece as a free man, as I experienced it on 12.10.43. Whenever someone asks after me, simply say that I no longer exist, and that I have gone as a true Greek. –

Help all those, dear Miskos, who come back from the Birkenau camp. –

I am not sad, dear Misko, that I will die, but that I won’t be able to avenge myself the way I would like to. If you receive a letter from my relatives abroad, please give the fitting answer that the family A. Nadjari is annihilated, killed off by the cultivated Germans, do you remember, dear Giorgos? Please pick up, Misko, the piano of my Nelli from the Sionidou family and give it to Ilias, so that he always has it with him in commemoration, he loved her so much and she loved him, too. –

Almost always, when they kill, I ask myself, if God exists, and nevertheless, I have always believed in Him and I still believe, that God wants His will to be done. I’m dying happy, because I know that at this moment our Greece is free. My last words will be: Long live Greece.
Marcel Nadjari
For about four years now they have been killing the Jews … they killed Poles, Czechs, French, Hungarians, Slovaks, Dutch, Belgians, Russians und all Thess/nikis, except the 300 who are still alive today, (in) Athens, Arta, Kerkyra (Corfu), Kos and Rhodes. –

A total of around 1,400,000
The honored Greek Embassy which will receive this note is asked by a good Greek citizen called Emmanouil or Marcel Nadjari from Thess/niki, previously resident in Odos Italias No. 9 in Thess/niki, to send this note to the following address.
Dimitrios Athanassiou Stefanidis
Odos Krousovou No. 4

This is my last wish. Condemned to death by the Germans because I am Jewish.

Thank you.

Images and credits:

1) Marcel Nadjary (credit: The Jewish Museum of Greece)

2) Thermos and leather case the documents were found in (credit: Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum)

3) Pages of the letter showing how the manuscript was reconstructed. To the right, the original page displaying heavy water damage. To the left, a version made legible through digital image correction (credit: Pavel Polian / Institut für Zeitgeschichte)

4) An image I took during an extensive study visit to the site, some years ago. The area shown is part of the massive crematoria complex, located at the far end of the Auschwitz-II Birkenau site. Note that this area is cca 1km from the main gate and entrance to the Birkenau camp and this, is the shortest of the camp’s dimensions. In the foreground, one of the numerous pits used to dump ashes of the murdered prisoners. The woods behind this pit are the location where the documents were discovered. In the distance, the sewage treatment area is visible. Beyond that lay the sauna complex, the huge Kanada Effektenlager (see this thread:…slager-387426/ ), then Krematorium-IV, Krematorium-V, more woods, mass burial pits and also the site of the first temporary gas chamber.


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Nsdap armband thoughts?

Bought this a few weeks ago on ebay with some english badges the add was under english badges but one of the pics showed this folded in half no idea if original or not looked about on the net and have seen 2 very similar on militaria sites one was on whitmans, only paid 19 quid for this five badges and a flask carrier so no biggy if a relica but a nice bonus if original any thoughts guys ?

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Need help! Mein Kampf

Hey my friends,

Just to make sure nothing is wrong with this example of Mein Kampf, I’ll maybe spend my savings on it so I wanna take the minimum risk as possible …

Looks good to me …

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The cost of collecting m1 helmets.

Hi guys as an avid M1 collector i’m always checking over what’s out i’m starting to wonder if it was really ever worth starting out on this great crusade.the market in general with website dealers all seem to be well IMHO overpricing is this due to supply or a shortage in demand.these original sets a few years back would never of reached the asking prices they are now.
I understand there was a time when it wasn’t the done thing to collect Helmets with exception to the few.until mini-series and Hollywood pushed everything skywards.Thousands of original sets including camo’s/medic/marked units were bagged decades ago at a fraction of today’s cost and haven’t seen the light of day since(meaning there still with those collectors and most probably remain there until the owners demise).hence making it almost impossible for today’s collector to richen there collection with an impressive centre piece.I know our brothers here over the pond still hit good sets found in antique malls or junk yard sales.for me i’m grateful for the few examples i’m lucky enough to own however for somebody starting out regardless of age to view a site and see $500-$700 regulary for original examples must blow there minds.also i’ve noticed in the last few months there’s a lot of wrong stuff on the bay which is selling for stupid am i right to assume these would be purchasers really haven’t a clue what the hell they have actually bought as apposed to what they think they have won.anyway in a nut shell all this is just starting to grate on me and for the first time in nearly a decade wondering whether i can honestly continue down this now slightly tiring road.
like to hear fellow members and collectors thoughts.
Thanks in advance.Jake.

Schulterklappen Schulterstücke Unteroffizier der Wehrmacht, gebraucht

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Alte grüne Drillich oder Forsthose aus Kriegszeiten.

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Helm Wehrmacht Fiberglas Stahlhelm helmet casque Fiberglas Paradehelm Feuerwehr

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