Opinions on SS Deutschland erkennungsmarke

Good or bad?

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Stahlhelm deutsch original helmet casque German helmet sammeln selten

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Eisernes Kreuz 2nd Klasse for Review

Hello, does this look to be original?, 44×44 diameter, ribbon measures up to originals, has the hump below jump ring, it is maker marked 100. Thanks for looking.

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Personalization marks meaning?

I know it’s kind of a bad move on my part but I’m really interested in what these personalization marks mean and if they can be traced to a person or not (Specifically two guys named Willi Muller and W Löffler.31.0 KB34.8 KB26.6 KB33.1 KB
These are photos from my previous post.
From what I’ve seen is that they’re IDs for the Soldbuch but can someone really be ID number 4?

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Pic’s from my old Squadron A4M Skyhawks

Well these are some pic’s of my A4’s fly shooting and bombing. My squadron taught pilots how to Attack. They came to us after flight school, They were either a Fighter or and Attack Pilots. Fighter’s went to VMFAT 101 and flew F4 Phantoms or you went to VMAT 102 and flew A4 Skyhawks to become an Attach Pilot. Both located at MCAS Yuma in the 80’s.

These pic’s are taken at our range also referred to a The Barry Goldwater Range.

These are early to mid 80’s time frame.
The call sign was Serria Charle for the SC on the tails
The last one is my favorite!!!
Semper Fi



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Need help! Another Desk Eagle?

Could this be original Third Reich?






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Need help! Rosenthal SA Plate?

Does this look authentic? I can not find anything remotely similar myself…







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Innenfutter für Stahlhelm WK2

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Small Patriotic Flag

Hello All, Just picked up a few small patriotic flags I was wondering if the stampings were post war??? I’m sure the small flags have been used for celebrations in more recent times as well but was curious as to this style of stamping could be dated? Regards,Geoff:confused:

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