Need help! M40 Unique Wired Hemet-Wired visor

A few doozies have come up on the other forum. Simply just looking for any info on this one. Seeing if anyone has opinions on what appears to be some sort of wire visor. Is this a fantasy set up someone created years ago? Was it common for Forward Observer positions? whats its purpose? Is it even genuine?

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Need help! Korean War H Series Pilots Helmet

Not too familiar with Korean War Pilots Helmets, but this looks like a Gentex H3 or H4 series pilots helmet. Have an opportunity to purchase for $100. Any information or comments are very much appreciated.


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Question M35 EM belt

What do you think about this belt? Is the stamp original or fake?


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Question Selection of Badges in need of identification

Hi guys

I recently received a box of old badges. I have been able to identify a couple but I can’t find and references to these ones. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section I am new to this forum and any tips or advise is much appreciated.

I believe them to be British mostly since they came from a family member who served in WWII.

Warning lots of pictures incoming:


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Mk2 Brodie: ‘Warden’

Hello folks.

A new addition to my collection of Home Front helmets, bringing it up to a grand total of two. Have been after a bog standard warden’s helmet for a while, and have finally managed to find one. Overall, this one is in fantastic condition, and has the added benefit of being named.

The shell is of commonly seen BMB manufacturer, for Briggs Motor Bodies, Dagenham. The last number of the date is obscured, but at a guess dates the shell to 1938. This would match the liner, a ‘VERO I’ size 7. Most of the paint remains on the shell, and where it has chipped or worn away there is little to no sign of active rust. The ‘W’ motifs are very worn but visible. The chinstrap is in great shape as well, remaining fully elasticated and free of wear and tear.

Interestingly, this helmet not only has the owner’s name on the brim - a common find with Home Front helmets - but also has multiple service numbers. Some scratched into the metal, others neatly painted on. The majority of these are a mystery to me. AFS would be the Auxiliary Fire Service. and ARP is self-explanatory. ‘DI’ and ‘RC’, on the other hand, I haven’t been able to figure out. It seems that J. Russell was a member of multiple civilian services. The ‘DI.A’ at the end of his name is another little mystery.

Also of note are the initials on the chinstrap, although the J appears to be backwards. This helmet and liner have clearly been together for its entire lifespan. A nice ‘untouched’ Home Front lid.

Regards, B.B.

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Kreigsmarine monoculer

Hi guys any info welcome ,I’m told used on uboats but I’ve no idea

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Luger P08 what type and value

Hi All!

This is my Luger P08 , i know the condition is not the best but if someone takes it in his hand looks better like in the pictures, cool militaria, need few part, /can be easily disassembled or assembled we find it In Hungary at the basement few months ago,was rusty but im cleaned as i can, i didnt see any marks just a "8" number on the top, I do not collect the weapons, I want to sell it! how much can I ask for it?the trigger has it! but is currently being cleaned

Thank You



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ss panzer totenkopf division pin

What you guys think? What this screw on pin really is and is it real?

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