Galil scope?

What do you think about this one?

Ive been told its for a Galil and that its very rare.


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looking for an expert on Imperial Japanese Navy

Trying to find out clearly if this dated small chop (IJN) inside a French passport is stamped by the Imperial Japanese Navy inspection at one of the docks in occupied China during the war…the holder, possibly French collaborationist living in both Harbin and Shanghai, who frequently crossed the borders by boat either from Qingdao port or Tianjin to reach southern Manchuria at Dalian, Shan Hai Guan or Wa Fang Dian and if in one of those 3 ports the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) stamped the passport here on 1941 July 19th…

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Question Original Kriegsmarine Ledermantel

Good evening

Can you give me your opinions on this kriegsmarine ledermentel please ? Real or Fake ?

Luftwaffe Air Gunner Badge Assmann

Picked up this group at the weekend , There look ok to me from research i have done but just wanted to make sure, Thank you for any help

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WWI Mons Star trio Somerset Light Infantry

Good afternoon gents,

Here is a nice group complete with the ribbon bar and rosette that I was lucky engough to snap up for around 30% below book price.

I haven’t collected British medals to any great degree so far and would like to start researching the ones I have when I have time. If anyone here can give me any info regarding this group I would be very grateful but what I really want to know is which are the best online resources to use (I just can’t afford to take a whole day visiting Kew every time) so that I can do it myself without relying on the goodwill of the members here;




I think it interesting that even though these medals would most likely have been issued at the same time the star is impressed with battalion and regiment whilst the other two are impressed with just the regiment. Maybe this is due to the star bein instituted some two years befor the other two? Unless the star was issued on its’ own?

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Christmas-greetings and a good 2018


For all of you guys here at the WRF-forum,
I would like to wish you all a great Christmas and a
good 2018 with new nice material for the collection.

The castle shown is in the middle of our city, the
hands mean "let’s keep the forum the best there is"!


All the best and take care,
wilhelm (wim) saris


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rote armee rkka hose original plash palatka 2 wk gestempelt 44

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