Orig. Innenfutter mit Kinnriemen von 1941 für Stahlhelm Wehrmacht M 35 M 40 M 42

EUR 201,00 (14 Bids)
End Date: 27. Jun. 19:48
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for sale Original german helmet liners size 68


by: Deodaru

Description: Leather soft, ready for use, full quarante on originality, more photos no problem. Price 220 euro for piece. Besides I have some liners for 62-64-66 helmets too. More photos on ask.

War Relics Militaria sales

EK2 Eisernes Kreuz 2.Kl. - Iron Cross 2nd Class, marked 137

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by: tompress

Description: Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse 1939 - Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939.
Marked 137, manufacturer: J. H. Werner, Berlin

Classic three piece construction, with iron (magnetic) core. On short worn ribbon (ca. 10 cm).

Very nice condition, not cleaned, with original patina.

================================ =============
Prices in euro, please use PayPal or IBAN bank transfer (EU buyers). Shipping by registred priority (air) mail with tracking number is only 5.00 € worldwide. No additional fees, if you buy more items of mine.

These are my first ads here, but I am an experienced seller. You can check my profile on eBay (tompress). Authenthicity of all items is guaranted, returs accepted for any reason. Happy hunting

War Relics Militaria sales

Orig. Stahlhelm Wehrmacht M 42 2. WK WW2 WH steel helmet casque M 35 M 40

EUR 25,50 (6 Bids)
End Date: 27. Jun. 19:47
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Vietnam Era U.S. Enlisted Visor Cap.

Hello all.
Sharing a find from the little antique shop I like to frequent.
This is a Vietnam era enlisted visor cap. It is in pretty good shape. I figured for $20, why not.
And a little shout out to my display stand. A piece that has been in my "moldy tomes" collection for some number of years, an 1855 American History textbook that was used in one of the one room schoolhouses in my home town.
Thanks for looking! :D

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Ost Cuff Band Veteran Acquired Today With A Mini Hoard

Please can you confirm that this is a known variant cuff band ,
The mini hoard walked in of the street today
Lufty x3

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2wk lange mannschaft hose kammerstück luftwaffe mit reparaturstellen ungereinigt

EUR 9,99 (0 Bids)
End Date: 03. Jul. 19:48
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by: vady



‘Interesting original RKF markings - size in meters and KM inspector eagle stamp in red, both rarely seen….’

$500 and PP, I pay us shipping. thanks for looking

War Relics Militaria sales

Yugoslavian M53

Hello folks.

The pride and joy of my deact collection. Also the most I’d ever spent on a piece, until I purchased my old spec Sten.

A Yugoslavian MG53, or simply M53, also known colloquially as the ‘Sarac.’ A near spot-on copy of the German MG42, being produced in the same factories with the same machines after the Germans were pushed out of the country. None of these saw use in the Second World War, but they are a much more affordable alternative to the ‘real deal’ and so that drove me to buy one.
The differences between this and a wartime 42 are minor, with the grips and buttstock being slightly different, and lacking the cutout on top of the barrel jacket for an AA spider sight. There are factory markings on this one, although I’m unable to translate the Cyrillic. My understanding is that ‘44′ is the factory number, and not the date of manufacture.

Apart from a few minor rust stains, this one is in great shape. Virtually all of its finish still in place, with only a few superficial dings and scratches. It is a deactivated example, of course, done to old UK specifications. It cocks and dry fires, and a decent amount of field stripping can be done. The buttstock, buffer, spring and bolt can all be slid out of the receiver, and the top cover can be opened and detached. The barrel is welded and pinned to the receiver, as per normal, although the door for quick-changing the barrel does open and close. The booster cone is also pinned in place by a tack weld.

It is WaffenAmt marked on the right side of the feed tray (WaA147 or 747) leading me to believe that a replacement must have been salvaged from original German factory stocks. All other parts are Yugoslavian, appropriately stamped and all matching. Even the front sight matches!

I also have a few accessories for it.
A fifty round belt, of which the links and starter tab are German.
An ammunition box, Yugo marked beneath the paint.
And what I at first believed to be a Yugo basket drum. However, upon picking away some of the paint, I’ve found an original German three-letter code underneath. No date, though. All the bluing appears to be perfectly intact, as well. May need to figure out how to clean the rest of it.

Ramble over. Enjoy the photos!

Regards, B.B.

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