Wehrmacht stahlhelm

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Reduziert !! ORIGINAL U.S. STAHLHELM, 2. WK, Kuriosität

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A Soviet postcard / German feldpost

Found this card recently, seemed interesting to me: it’s not such a common thing that a Soviet postcard was used by an invader.
July 3, 1941. The second week of the war in USSR, German attacks are successful, the mood is good and Hans writes a letter to his mother using the trophy postcard. Judging by the feldpost number it’s 234th Infantry-Regiment, 56th Infantry-Division, XVII Army Corps, 6th Army. I wonder what has happened to Hans Röster later – if he was still alive when the 6th Army came to Stalingrad or maybe he was too lucky and even survived the war. Who knows.
I didn’t understand, what was his rank?



And besides I have an issue of “Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung” from the same date as the letter is - July 3, 1941. Just like an illustration to the card.


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M1899 saddle

Is this M1899 saddle?

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New member from the UK

I made this account to verify the authenticity of relics before I buy them and to learn more about military history

Middle Eastern used Russian SSH-40

Russian post war produced SSH-40 this particular helmet was manufactured in 1957 at the Tractor Factory of Stalingrad ( Stalingradskiy Traktorskiy ) and is in a small size…
Interestingly enough it has been overpainted in a desert tan helmets painted in this colour have been associated with being used during the time of the Soviet-Afghan War which lasted over nine years from December of 1979 till the Soviet withdrawal in February of 1989 of course without any kind of provenance this is purely speculation..
There is of course the possibility it was prepared for service by one of the other Middle Eastern countries and used at a different time..

Regards Mark

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Question P47 plane equipment

Hy im from europe have this asembly for planes can you tell what it is? There are nimbers and marks republic airplane corporation, indicator assembly…. Tnx for help

schönes Konvolut 4 Stück alte Kragenspiegel Wehrmacht WK 2 (200/2)

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Stahlhelm m35 wk2 wehrmacht heer

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