M35 SE Re-Issue relic

Again ignore the chin strap as I made it!, still like this one! last of the M35’s I’ve owned (regretfully traded SD ones off in the long ago past)

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M40 ND Quisty

Ignore the chin strap as it’s a late war one. Good solid helmet! might whack on a ss decal? :p
Makes for a really good paper weight.

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New member, hello!

Greetings all,

I began collecting military items including Third Reich era items about 3 or 4 years ago now. I am starting to begin collecting a bit more than I use to. I mostly collect helmets, including legitimate and reproductions. Have some items I need some help with authenticating Third Reich wise.

Best regards

When Japan fought Germany: The Siege of Tsingtao

I don’t normally focus on WW1 era techou, but I could not pass up this example. This techou belonged to an artilleryman who was part of the Siege of Tsingtao in 1914, the first year of WW1. With the commencement of the Great War, conflict spread to Germany’s colonies, which included the port of Tsingtao. With the help of the U.K., Japan was able to lay siege to the German colony and ultimately capture it, and in the process, take over 4,000 German prisoners (I believe Nick has written about the Bando POW camp). A special (albeit a little wormy) booklet belonging to someone who witnessed and took part in a fascinating chapter of WW1 history. Below is the history page with Tsingtao fortress entry, a brief summary of what is written, and a few pics. of Japanese artillery at the siege from online (National Army Museum (2) and Wikimedia Commons).
August 16, 1914 (Taisho 3): Joined 1st Company, Replacement, 24th Field Artillery Regiment (18th Division)
Sept. 27, 1914: Left Moji, Japan
Oct. 1, 1914: Landed at Laoshan(?), China
Oct. 4, 1914: Became member of 6th Company, 24th FA Regiment
Oct. 29(? -little wormy there) - November 7, 1914: Participated in the attack on Tsingtao Fortress
December, 1914: Returned to Japan (Moji)
NOTE: with the pics., I would imagine this artilleryman worked with the smaller pieces as compared to the larger siege gun in the upper pic.

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Buenas noches, soy colombiano y me encontré con su página cuando buscaba información sobre una espada alemana antigua que tengo carl eickhorn 1921 solingen aproximadamente.
La pregunta es: conocen está espada? De dónde es? Cuánto costaría?

Muchas gracias.
Diego Mauricio Rivera

SS helmet fake? Please help!

I picked this helmet up a little while ago and can I get some thoughts on it? Anything SS makes me sceptical. Any help would be great thank you! 1269082126908312690851269089

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S-Maske Documentation Opinions

Recently came across the blue documentation booklet for sale for the GM30/38 masks- These, from what I’ve seen are very hard to come by in good condition- but, being a paper item I am obviously dubious about it being a re-print. What do you guys think?



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German WW2 style moped

For a few years now ive wanted to make a motorized bicycle. I thought it would be a fun way to commute to the store and back while at my family’s vacation property. So a few months ago I found the perfect bike for this project, an old cruiser bike that had been sitting in our storage since hurricane Harvey. I took the bike home, and ordered an engine kit online to start the project.

When the kit arrived and I started to work on the first stages of the project, I had an idea pop in my head. Why not make give this bike a German WW2 look? Since im a collector of Third Reich militaria ‘Like the other many fine gents on this forum’ I liked this idea, and decided to run with it. The first course of action I took was to repaint the bike completely. One of my all time favorite German paint schemes is the iconic DAK camo, so I decided to go with that. I tried my best to replicate the DAK camo paint, maybe someone here can give me their opinion on how close I got? After I repainted the bike, I tackled the other cosmetics. I replaced the seat with a more vintage looking one, switched out the handle bars for ones that better look the part, added an East German back pack to the rack section, replaced the pedals with 1960s era West German pedals, added a large headlight, and the cherry on top an original WW2 era motorcycle license plate on the front fender.

The license plate was ground dug in Stalingrad, and had no original paint left. I restored it to the best of my abilities, and decided to make it a Wehrmacht plate. In my opinion the original period license plate really sets this bike off. After all of that was done I then installed the engine kit. It was quite challenging for me to do this part, but considering this is my first time doing something like this, I wasn’t surprised. As of right now I would say the bike is 98% complete. I want to add a Yugo M53 ammo box to the other side, and a rear license plate to match the front one.

I just wanted to share this project with you guys, and see what you all think. This is just a fun thing ive been working on in my spare time. Ive done a few test rides, and its already turning heads. Ill make sure to update this thread when the bike is 100% complete.

Best regards- Jarret


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5 Kresowa Dywizja Piechoty Badge Variation


I recently purchased a variation of the 5 Kresowa Dywizja Piechoty uniform badge. It is shown next to a common authentic cloth variation most forum members will recognize, for size reference.

I am looking for additional opinions on the period authenticity of this badge. I believe it to be a very rare stencil painted plastic variation.
It is composed of a very thin and semi-flexible rudimentary plastic sheet, with a painted base coat in yellow, and a brown paint stencil border and bison.

While I have not seen this variation before now, it does resemble the same manufacturing process as the Syrenka, 8th Army Shield, and 3DSK plastic painted badges also shown below for reference which are known to be authentic (those images are not mine and belong to their respective owners).

Let me know what you think about this 5 Kresowa Dywizja Piechoty badge variation.

Thank you.

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