Kragenspiegel Leutnant der LW-Flak, beide Stücke mit leichten Mottenstellen

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Kragenspiegel Luftwaffe Mannschaft rot neu (h768-)

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Reichswehr belt buckle authentic?

Purchased this Reichswehr belt buckle for a very good price. It has some wear, and from the seller I have yet to purchase a fake.

I’ve noticed some other posts with the same buckle, however the backing was different.

If the pictures don’t show it, there is slight rusting, and it appears to have brass coming through some areas.

My question- the back of the buckle- does this look authentic?

Thank you




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SA RZM M7/66 1941 for opinions

I recently acquired this SA dagger, RZM M7/66 194. The blade has some very small dings on both edges and some oxidization. The wood is tight and appears to be original to the dagger. The dings probably do not show up in photos with poor lighting, apologies. Painted scabbard with some finish loss. The weight feels like it is still in the tip. My first SA dagger and would like opinions of originality and value for what I paid. I git caught up in the moment and paid $500.00. I wanted an earlier dagger but they do not show up very often at the local shows. All opinions are welcome. Thanks

John O.


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Need help! SS dagger for possible purchase -Wisdom appreciated before laying out the medium bucks!

Hey all,

Here is a dagger that I would like to purchase from a local collector. While he’s a great guy, he’s no photographer! :rolleyes:

If these pictures aren’t enough to give folks here a solid idea of the dagger’s authenticity, I can go there and take shots myself, but then I’m "that guy" and I’d rather not do so unless I have to.

For what it’s worth, I have seen the dagger in person and it looked really solid to me.


Again, I apologize for the lousy pictures.

As always, thanks to all for any assistance you could provide!

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Need help! What nation do these officers’ uniforms represent?

Can someone tell me what nation the two army officers in this photo represent? This photo was taken in New London, CT in November 1916. The men in this photo are all visitors to the cargo U-boat Deutschland. The man on the left of the army officer in the overcoat is Paul König, the captain of the U-Deutschland. Security on and around the State Pier in New London, where the U-Deutschland was berthed, was very tight, and no one was allowed anywhere near the U-Deutschland, much less on her foredeck without Captain König’s authorization, which means that the two army officers and the civilians who are clustered around König had some significance. The officer on the left, partially out of the photo, looks like he might be cavalry, and I wonder if he and the older officer standing next to Captain König might be Austro-Hungarian. I would appreciate any comments. Thanks. Dwight


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US WW2 Army M1 Stahlhelm Innenhelm Fiberglas HELMET LINER mit Leder Kinnriemen

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6 Stück Nieten zu innenfutter Stahlhelm

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Question ID Volksgruppe in Rumänien button or pin?

A friend decied to give me some family stuff he found in his attic and for start he gave me this item.

I’ve identified the markings belonging to "Grupul Etnic German" (German Ethnic Group in translation, something like "Volksgruppe in Rumänien" or "Landesgruppe Rumänien") but I’m curios if it’s an uniform button or a pin, or something else.

1061532 1061534 1061531 1061535 1061533

Best regards,

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