Imperial Bayonet Converted to Dress Bayonet?

Hi all. Another one I picked up in Riga. My best guess is that this was converted from an 1898/05 "Butcher" bayonet based on the length of the quillon. I think the blade has been heavily polished as opposed to plated to achieve a shine as someone has had a go at if with a grinder at some point and nothing is flaking off. The grips are a little rough and ready but fit quite well and appear to be made of a material similar to bakelite. There is a rough engraving on the quillon that looks like a triangle with horizontal lines through it. Any opinions on this one would be much appreciated. It did not cost much so no feelings will be hurt if it turns out to be rubbish :rolleyes: Cheers.

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Schlupfhemd Sumpftarn Wehrmacht Camo Gr.2 52/54 Tarnhemd no Stahlhelm

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Elisted Pilots

I am trying to find information on enlisted pilots with the Russian Air Force. I have researched and am finding little information or photos of on enlisted pilots.
What I would like to find out if they wore the early M35 French tunic with the closed color also if all enlisted tunics had the black border around the branch color tabs?
Was the French tunic also issued in other colors than blue for the air force especially for the enlisted pilot.
Thanks for any help.

Wehrmacht Heer Luftwaffe Marine Stahlhelm M35 M40 M42 original Kinnriemen

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SA Dagger Mistake Yes/No? Follow-up

Hello sirs,

I’m back with follow up pictures to the question I posed earlier this week. This is my first SA style dagger and it feels a bit flimsier than I was expecting.



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Need help identifying decal!

I found this relic while on a trip around St. Petersburg Russia a few weeks ago. I can see decals on what is left of the helmet which most likely was used during the Siege of Leningrad. Can anyone help me identify what it is????

Kragenspiegel für Panzerbesatzungen Alu original

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Luftwaffe Hose Pilotenhose Sammleranfertigung aus orig. Stoff WW2

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C727 Fotos LC Legion Condor Spanien S88 Sanitäter Infanterie TOP Stahlhelm !!!

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