Some sleeve eagles and cap devices,need opinions

I picked these up over the years,can post better pics of each if needed,look ok?

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Large eagle and armband,traincar?opinions appreciated

I couldn’t find the right area to post this in,maybe the mods can move it to the correct area.Anyway do these look good?

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Original or not?

Need help is this original ww1 German cap issued to British POW?

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Erdkampfabzeichen Luftwaffe what do you think

I have just had this offered to me.As I do not know much about them I was hoping someone here can let me know if it’s good or not.thanks

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Erdkampfabzeichen Luftwaffe — ORIGINAL or REPRODUCTION (Museumanfertigung) ?

Hi all !!

Hereby three photos of a Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen which I’m interested in, but I am to be honest a bit cautious,
because I saw at another German dealer who is selling Museumanfertigungen (postwar copies as copies) based on the late war Arno Wallpach (Vienna) models.
The piece above (three images) is priced 250 Euro. Another dealer, Weitze, sells Arno Wallpach (non marked) Museumanfertigungen for 35 Euro .. but honestly described as postwar.

Thinking that the LW Erdkampfabzeichen above is [[[ based on own study ... the seller doesn't describe any manufacturer ]]] a piece perhaps by Arno Wallpach (Vienna) as manufacturer.

Is the piece above an Original LW Erdkampfabzeichen? Late war Arno Wallpach? OR a good quality postwar copy? … Sorry I’m still a rookie …. trying to learn and study and

PLEASE TO COMPARE ONLINE WITH THE HONESTLY DESCRIBED COPIES itemnumbers(s) 152847 in the current online stock at Weitze.

Thanks for your help and suggestions… If nice/better and original suggestions for other payable, but Original LW Erdkampfabzeichen -preferably with manufacturers mark and a bit wear are welcome by sending private message(s).

thanks in advance!!!


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Jungepioniere fanfare bugle with banner

The latest acquisition to my DDR collection is a fanfare trumpet and banner which was once used by the ‘Thalmann Pioneers’. The group was named in honour of the pre-war communist leader of the KPD, Ernst Thalmann, who was imprisoned by the Nazis at Buchenwald during the 1930’s and then later executed on August 18th 1944. The ‘JP’ were split into two separate groups, the ‘Jungpioniere’ for those aged between six and 10, and the ‘Thalmann-Pioniere’ for those aged between 10 and 14. From there they would be expected to join the ‘Freien Deutsche Jugend’ where they would stay until the age of 25. The aim of these groups was to indoctrinate the youth in communist Marxist ideology and prepare them for membership in the ‘Sozialistische EinheitPartei’. Children were not forced to join - membership being entirely voluntary. But many of those who did not join, found that their academic careers were blighted in later life when they found themselves turned down for university placements. Although there is a difference in the ideology, there are strong parallels (in my opinion) with the ‘Hitler Jugend’ of the Third Reich and the youth groups of the DDR period.

The bugle itself is in very good condition, there being minimal dings and only a slight bend. The banner - probably made by school parents - as many were, is double-sided. The ‘JP’ logo is a printed piece of material which has been hand-stitched onto the back-cloth. All yellow lettering is embroidered. Although in the strictest sense this is not a military item, it belonged to a youth organisation which was the first step in the ladder to communist indoctrination.

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german helmet

Hello Gentlemen!:)
Do you know who weared this helmet? is it rare helmet?

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M1/152, fake or not?

Hi All,

Any opinions on this M1/152? Unfortunately picture quality is not the best but I hope enough for commenting



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“Drive” Sintra - Munich 2017 Roadtrip


Its time for another weeks vacation.
Taking the bimmer again for a drive all the way from Sintra, Portugal to Germany, Munich.
Departure, 8th of October, 4 am.

We will be staying there for a week and a half, making our base at Luzerne, Switzerland.
Going back and fowards between Switzerland and Germany.
We have sort of programme already, like BMW and Mercedes Museum, Obersalzberg, Eaglesnest, Dachau and a bit more.

Can i have some suggestions on more WWII sites nearby ?
Sites and locations, please.

I will be covering the trip on Instagram.



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