Frontflugspange für Aufklärer in Gold

Hi guys, could I please have your opinions on this clasp?, regards, Juan

In my opinion, I would say it s an unknown maker in tombak, gold grade

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SA STURM Match-Box/Matches

Good Morning, Friends…
I was just browsing German this morning and came upon this Match-Box with the SA Sturm Logo - Offered at a reasonable "Buy it Now Price"…Had to have it of course, LOL…I’ll consider this my birthday-present for myself…;)
cheers, Glenn

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Large bomb tail ? Possibly from Bofors in sweden ?

The seller told me the items came to Denmark from Sweden as metal scrap from a bofors factory many years ago together with all kinds of random trash metal, and was picked by his friend at the scrap yard.
So now im here hoping for someone to take a look and know what it is :)

The ‘bomb’ The tail is 38 cm wide and the whole thing is 54cm high and is solid aluminum. I however cant find any markings on it.
The inside of the ‘cone’ part connecting it to the missing parts is covered in some kind of thick fabric like paper.


Kind Regards
Tom skals cool militaria

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Important! Manzolini bomb


I’m looking for pics about a Manzolini bomb "thermo".Color pics will be apreciated,or black and white too.

I’ve got drawings about it , but not of a real one.

Off course , I’m ready to buy ,even if an high price ,an original example.

Thanks for your help.

Hose der Jugend Schihose XJ

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Need help! PLEASE HELP—German lor Russian????

Hi All, I am sorry if I posted this before. My mind is not what it use to be. I am trying to ID this stickpin. I was given it by a friend that told me it was dug up near Karkov(Russia). I posted it in the Russian section only to be told it was German. CAN/WILL anyone ID this for me. I appreciate your time and am MOST g10388921038893rateful for any help

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SS Skull Buttons original or not?

Can anybody tell me that this is a original SS skull button or not? The backside numbers symbols letters are: 63 SS RZM

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NSFK Flyers Knife RZM M7/36

Hello All,
Not being a knife or bayonet collector I have been looking for some more memorabilia to add to my collection when I came across this chap.
Quite worse for wear and a pity about the hilt but it did come with a DLV example so all in all I am quite happy with it but I am quite unimpressed of how poor the quality of this item is compared to the DLV example.

All the best


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Interesting War Time Photo’.

One of the odder things to turn up on my Fb feed, from a site based in France. 1038840

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