Binoculars H / 6400 was it built on it?

Hi Guys,
what do you think about this binoculars?
It is not "Dienstglas" was that at Oigee?
The screws look strange. Was it built on it?
Or does it look good?

Thank you

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Important! SS Buckle RZM 155/39 ss Assmann

Hello getlemen, I would like to ask the experienced collectors about the views of this buckle. Is every thing okay? I want to buy this buckle,I do not like to buy a copy. Thank you very much for your views.

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Afrikakorps cuff title

Just got this one, looks good in comparison to known originals, appears to be tunic removed. Any comments are welcome.

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M35 DD named combat police helmet

Hi new member, I would like to share my 1 st helmet. It is 1936 dated, and the consensus on GHW was that it’s a Quist. The paint is so thick you can’t read the maker mark or lot number clearly.

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Introduce myself.

Hi, I m new here, i m from Italy and collect WW2 axis militaria (plus everything I like, like Rhodesian militaria). Thanks.

Waffen SS Panzer Trapezoid

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by: Raymond270

Description: Mint Waffen SS Panzer Trapezoid Price includes priority shipping
in the lower 48 states only.

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CZ 27 Rig to Share

I recently acquired a CZ 27 Rig. Overall condition is good with the holster is rougher shape. I believe this would fit the sub variation 2 around 1943 production. Any additional information or comments are welcome.


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Cclose Combat Clasp in Bronze by JFS

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by: warbuff

Description: A wonderful Close Combat Clasp, Bronze Grade produced in zinc. The reverse is marked “F.E.C. W.E. PEEKHAUS BERLIN” and maker marked “JFS.” The badge is slightly vaulted, and hardly worn. Overall an excellent example in extremely fine condition.
US sales only please

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Question Krit belt buckle

I know its not german but have you guys ever seen one before. Sorry this is the only photo I have . Thanks Gary

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