M17 Ledermaske named to Rottig

An M17 Ledermaske named to soldier Rottig.

The feldgrau can is in nice condition with signs of wear such as chipping etc blending in with the overall patina. Named to soldier Rottig 3 times; once on the lid, once on the can strap marked faintly on a label, and lastly on the mask itself also on label. Inside the can lid still sits a set of spare lenses with instruction for use.

The ledermaske in the can has been there for 2 years since I purchased it and I’m hesitant to remove it as it is a bit of a time capsule piece in its current state. So for the purpose of this shoot I’ve photographed it with another example that I also have in my Imperial Collection. This particular mask is in great overall condition and retains all parts including the chord. Pictured along with the items is a feldgrau buckle which looks to be unissued or to have had little use.

This one has been posted before but not properly.



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