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Hello World

Hi Everyone!
My name’s fallbreeze and I am the newest member to this forum. I am nearing 30 and have just begun really diving deep into history and expanding my collection - which started from the practice of carrying knives everyday as a youth and still continues. One day, I realized there was such a variety among types and qualities of knives so I started trying to find a higher quality pocket knife. Eventually this led into the world of Cold Steel (go ahead and laugh, it was levels above what I was carrying at the time) - my first knife that I truly EDC’d was a Cold Steel Recon 1. I collect other historical pieces and militaria as well but this is currently where my greatest interest lies.

Anyways, one thing led to another and I became interested in fixed blade knives. Getting into the carry of fixed blade knives introduced me to the world of custom made pieces. Custom made pieces introduced me to the world of collectibles - and yes, you guessed it - modern day collectibles and discontinued items brought me into the world of history.
I have all sorts of interests so I’ll keep this focused on the particulars of what brought me here. Solingen Steel. When I was looking for fixed blade knives I came across a certain knife of the Carl Schlieper Eye Brand - "Original Belt and Boot Knife - Handmade". I thought it was very peculiar so I researched it and bought it. Next thing you know I’m here with a few Solingen blades, a few questions, and to hopefully contribute to the preservation of knowledge.

In particular what brought me here - to this exact forum - was a purchase I had made of a Hirschfanger. It was an impulsive internet buy and even when purchasing it I had the premonition it was a well-crafted reproduction. I figured as soon as I got the thing I’d take some pictures and make a post on the one forum that seemed to have the best knowledge and passion for the subject,!

schweres Krad,Südfront,Kradmelder halb nackt,Motorrad,Gespann,Beiwagen,Stahlhelm

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German Postal Clippings

Hello everyone,

I purchased this box of postal clippings several years ago and have been trying to find more information about the material and period. I’m assuming the documents were cut up just after the war and sold (to stamp collectors?) to raise money for the disabled, as indicated on the box. The box contains about 300 or so clippings and appear to be from occupied territories. Is anyone familiar with this practice, or could provide more information to me? Thanks for looking and your comments.


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WH Soldaten Verleihung EK 2,Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse,Stahlhelm,Orden,Urkunde

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NSDAP enamel sign RZM 101

NSDAP enamel sign RZM 101

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SS tie with RZM tag

Hi people,

are here people among you that are in possession of an original SS tie with it’s original RZM tag?
I would like to ask if you would like to share it here if you do.

Thank you all in advance.

Infanterie,Marsch durch Staub,Hitze,viel Ausrüstung,Stahlhelm,Gasplane,K 98

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2 Schulterklappen Schulterstücke MAJOR Schwarz silbern Metall Geflecht WH 2 # #

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End Date: 27. Mai. 17:41
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