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This is my new Gottlieb Hammesfahr Ground Röhm!

With untouched pommel-nut (as I can see) and number III (Berlin) distribution marking. Only a small chip out of the handle wood on the reverse down at the lower cross guard but instead a "beauty scar" on the ridge below the eagle. It also has two dots of the original Röhm inscription left on the blade. The first is on the highest point of the "I" in "In" and the second on the lowest point on the "z" in "herzlicher". Do you think I could call it a "partial Röhm"? :rolleyes: Hope you like it!

Please also see my post with a question on scabbards with brownish metal surface…

Brown scabbards on mm SS daggers?




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Pfarrer : Paar orig. Kragenspiegel, Marine-Geistlicher : Uniform-Effekte

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End Date: 11. Nov. 15:50
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stahlhelm wehrmacht dritte reich

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Alu belt buckle 36/40 double ring

Hello Members,

I was wondering, could you help me with this buckle? Any opinions?
I hear various arguments about single and double ringed buckles by Overhoff,
and in the "buckles to collect" thread there is the mention of the double ring.

What do you think about this one?

It is posted at IMCS Militaria | Shop

I know that the owner has good items, But I just want to be sure.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Approve me

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Question Brown scabbards on mm SS daggers?

Hi all!

I recently bought my first SS dagger, a M33 Gottlieb Hammesfahr Ground Röhm, with two dots left of the original inscription (but I guess it’s not enough to call it a "partial" Röhm :confused:). The dagger has previously been reviewed here on the forum and the consensus then seemed to be that the dagger itself was 100% legit, but that the scabbard was a repainted SA scabbard.

Now, since I have been looking at a HUGE number of dagger pics here on the forum and elsewere I have seen that the same type of presumably repainted scabbard shows up with quite a few early maker marked SS daggers. Please see the pictures below of different scabbards with the same brownish surface finish underneath the black "paint".

My question to the guys and gals that have been into the dagger collecting business longer than I is, would you say that these all are repainted SA scabbards (and then of course not original to the dagger) or is there some other explanation to the brownish surface finish beneath the black "paint"? Were the SA scabbards treated in the same way, with anodization (or bluing as I have understood that the correct term really is) but that made them brown instead?

Please help out a newbie to understand a little bit more of the intriguing world of SS daggers!




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Himmler signed promotion documents.

Hi Guys, new to the market and never seen before until now. Going up for auction at work on Nov 22nd.


WW2 Third Reich SS Promotion documents hand signed by Reichfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler. An important collection of three promotion documents each to Ludwig Wollenhaupt, SS number 309727, Nazi Party number 181836. The first details his initial promotion on 20th Sept 1938 from SS Mann to SS Untersturmfuhrer to Himmler’s personal staff. This document is on Himmler’s personal stationary headed "Reichfuhrer SS" and is embossed, ink stamped and signed by Himmler in ink. The second document is again on Reichfuhrer SS stationary with embossed seal, ink stamp and signed by Himmler in ink, dated 10 Marz 1941 for promotion to SS Obersturmfuhrer. The third document is once again on Reichfuhrer SS stationary, embossed seal, ink stamp and signed in ink by Himmler, at his Feld-Kommandostelle 27 Feb 1943 for promotion to SS Hauptsturmfuhrer. Ludwig Wollenhaupt was born on 29/08/1882 in Grossenbehringen, Waltershausen, Sachen. He served in the Bavarian Army in WW1 in Jager Regt No3. He later became a School Inspector in Detmold and was in charge of implementing Nazi doctrine into the school curriculum. Also included in this lot is a Verordnungsblatt des Militarbefehshabers in Frankreich (VOBIF) dated 31st Oct 1941. All these documents are new to the market and were the property of a Free French Veteran who fought in the Campaign of 1940 and who later served as an Intel Officer in 1944-45 being a fluent German speaker.

Cheers, Ade.

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Maker 23 with Meybauer Core EK2

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by: waffen44

Description: Genuine EK2 .
Price includes Shipping. Please check i will ship to your country .
£ 140 GBP

War Relics Militaria sales

Stahlhelm m35 wk2 wehrmacht original

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Opinions on SS Deutschland erkennungsmarke

Good or bad?

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