Himmler signed promotion documents.

Hi Guys, new to the market and never seen before until now. Going up for auction at work on Nov 22nd.


WW2 Third Reich SS Promotion documents hand signed by Reichfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler. An important collection of three promotion documents each to Ludwig Wollenhaupt, SS number 309727, Nazi Party number 181836. The first details his initial promotion on 20th Sept 1938 from SS Mann to SS Untersturmfuhrer to Himmler’s personal staff. This document is on Himmler’s personal stationary headed "Reichfuhrer SS" and is embossed, ink stamped and signed by Himmler in ink. The second document is again on Reichfuhrer SS stationary with embossed seal, ink stamp and signed by Himmler in ink, dated 10 Marz 1941 for promotion to SS Obersturmfuhrer. The third document is once again on Reichfuhrer SS stationary, embossed seal, ink stamp and signed in ink by Himmler, at his Feld-Kommandostelle 27 Feb 1943 for promotion to SS Hauptsturmfuhrer. Ludwig Wollenhaupt was born on 29/08/1882 in Grossenbehringen, Waltershausen, Sachen. He served in the Bavarian Army in WW1 in Jager Regt No3. He later became a School Inspector in Detmold and was in charge of implementing Nazi doctrine into the school curriculum. Also included in this lot is a Verordnungsblatt des Militarbefehshabers in Frankreich (VOBIF) dated 31st Oct 1941. All these documents are new to the market and were the property of a Free French Veteran who fought in the Campaign of 1940 and who later served as an Intel Officer in 1944-45 being a fluent German speaker.

Cheers, Ade.

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