Small NKVD uniform collection

hi all, I’m pretty new to NKVD so I don’t have a huge collection of NKVD stuff but I figured I could share what I do have

#1 so this Kittel has an interesting story (in theory I should say) I purchased it from a man who claims to have to purchased it from the original recipients family in St. Petersburg in 1995. he claimed the officer was a colonel and was buried in his dress uniform, he purchased the Kittel and the daily wear tunic was not worth anything at that time so he left it behind. The guy also said he did not remember the original owners name however the order of the red star on the tunic was original to it and was on it when he bought it, all the other original awards had been sold (the ones in the picture minus the Order of the red star I added). I had the research done on the order of the red star out of curiosity which has a name but interesting enough it was awarded to a Guards unit Major in 1945, the star could have been moved but I don’t know, anyway the Kittel itself appears to be an all good NKVD one. The pants he also claimed came from the same officer, this one i find a little doubtful however I will admit I know very little on pants, I will include pictures of them anyway

15.5 KB10.8 KB10.1 KB11.4 KB17.3 KB14.7 KB14.9 KB10.8 KB21.5 KB

#2 I picked up this very nice parade tunic a little bit ago, it is post 48 as it has metal insignia instead of embroidered however it is still very nice, it has spaces for awards I have just not badged it up correctly yet, I need to find a way to restore the cuff bars as the blue backing is missing from both, but it doesn’t detract too much

12.6 KB15.5 KB12.5 KB12.9 KB20.9 KB32.5 KB23.5 KB19.1 KB31.1 KB30.7 KB

#3 (Not pictured due to extraneous circumstances) this is a stripped NKVD officer overcoat, it has some moth damage but not too bad, I still need to add proper boards and collar tabs however

if anyone if curious to see better picture or more be sure to let me know

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