Ehrenkreuz der Deutsche Mutter Erste Stufe, Cased, Werner Redo, Saarlautern

A recent addition to my Mutterkruez collection. :)
I have never seen one from this maker before.

I actually purchased something else from a person, and I mistakenly received this instead. My item went to someone else as well. I was able to discover who the other buyer was, and found it was someone that I knew.
I thought I could broker a deal, and exchange the items with the other buyer except, I was too late. It was already returned to the seller.

The seller replied to my message that he would re-send the item that I bought, and I could return the Mutterkruez to him.
I asked him how much he was asking for this, because I knew the other buyer had soured to the purchase and was not interested in this Mutterkruez anymore.
I informed him the seller I would be willing to save him the return shipping, and purchase this Mutterkruez, if the price reflected this.
We came to a deal and it is now part of my collection. It also came with a full length ribbon, and a period safety pin.


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