Mystery Swastika Badge ~

My cousin, a retired Police officer was a unofficial care taker for a nieghbour and th eold fella is not battling cancer ~

He was greatly appreciative of the efforts made to assist in cleaning up his residency ~ and gave his blessing to acquire" what ever they wanted ~.

My cousin found this ~ which he believes belonged the old man’s brother who has long since departed, was a service man who served in WWII~



What si the badge to the extreme Right? English?



The challenge here is What is the Swastika badge ?

Is it a civilian good luck charm ~ or a Dutch or even Finnish ~ medallion ~

My theory was that the Swastika on Charms was reversed ~ or did the Nazis reverse the Swastika in the Theory that their heraldry of good Germanic Blood lines cames form the East and the Himalayas ~ and the rotation carried that heraldry to the heart of Germany / Austria!?

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