US Army Ike Jacket - WW2

I configured this Ike Jacket based on my Grandfather’s WW2 combat record.

Tech Corporal Bradley Woodhull fought with F Co - 2nd Bn - 335th IR - 84th ID - XIII Corps - 9th US Army (MAY 1943 - OCT 1945). He was then re-assigned to the 78th ID - 1st US Army (OCT 1945 - MAR 1946) and finished the rest of his Occupation Duty in Berlin. He was wounded by grenade shrapnel during the Battle of Lindern on 29 NOV 1944 near Beeck, Germany.

I used a mix and match of era authentic items with modern ones. I am not sure if the Regiment DUI should remain on the lapels since he transferred from the 84th to the 78th, but I added them anyways; I intend to frame the jacket in the near future.

I also linked this thread to a previous one that I made for his father who was a WW1 veteran. Both of them were awarded the Purple Heart and earned 3 campaign stars while fighting against Germany.…dal-us-729589/


335th Infantry Regiment Distinctive Unit Insignia -

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