Approve me Levon from Armenia

My name is Levon
For now I live in Yerevan (Armenia)
My nickname on ebay: collect.from.armenia
Here is the link to my ebay store:
My website: "RARRY" antique store (for now under constructing)

I have big experience in soviet militaria (especially orders/medals/badges)
In early 90s people start to sell their or their family members’ awards. And Armenia, being a part of Soviet Union, also had for sale lots of great items. Actually soviet awards market center was Yerevan and nothing changed for 30 years. People from whole Armenia + Nagorno Karabach Republic still bring the stuff to Yerevan. There are only several dealers in our capital that know what is what and here also without changes from 1990s, we just getting older. Younger generation mainly interested in tech, IT and other, so almost no new persons in this field recently. Actually it has become quite hard to buy items here too, just because they almost finished. Armenia is so small, but we gave more than 100 heroes of Soviet Union.

As for today I work with trusted partners from all post Soviet Union countries. I am saying "Trusted", because Original/Authentic items - is the most important thing for today for any collector. Its getting more and more difficult to differ original from fake. Thanks my experience, I still can help my friends with right advice.

I helped many collectors to complete their collections or to add something interesting into.
Also can help with researches of awards.

If you need any medal/order/badge/document or anything special, you can always contact me through this forum or by email:

Best Regards


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