Tankfest (Bovington Tank Museum) UK 2018

Can’t believe I was the only member at "Tankfest" for the last couple of days but I thought I’d kick-off a new thread on this one…so please feel free to dump your pics too….

‘been going to this one since it started (17 years ago????)…and it just gets bigger and bigger (or should that be busier and busier?). Since the cash-generating tie-up with World of Tanks the attendance has grown and grown much like the distance one stands back from the fencing nowadays due to the crowds. No Tiger running around…which goes to show you don’t need a Tiger to get two sell-out days AND a new Preview day (Friday) sorted….indeed, they give ol’ 131 two days of its own throughout the year… I always get angry tho when I seen fenced-off rarities
like the Churchill with 3" gun (A22D?), the A24 Cavalier etc rusting away….as probably the last surviving examples of these vehicles anywhere in the world….and they’re dying slowing parked, ironically, alongside the "Restoration Centre"……Anyway, the sun was HOT….and this years visiting "stars" (JS3 from Belgium, Char B from France and 2 Renaults from Weald….+ a visiting Leopard 2, some nice TR stuff from Mr Crompton, an M4 from Holland and the usual sackful of kit from the British Army) shone brightly. Awesome couple of days and very much appreciated the less populated Preview day…and always good to chat to our boys who’re at the sharp end doing the do. Here’s some pics….I’m hoping there’s someone out there who went, has a better eye, a better camera AND is a member here! :-)


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