Bulgarian WW2 Officer uniform - revsited

Greetings all,
I have posted this uniform before,but last time i had no clue about it,my pictures were bad and so on…so i decided to revisit it.
Since then,with the help of some expert local collectors of Bulgarian WW2 items,i was able to gather a lot more information.
The uniform is a winter every day uniform model M1936.
It belonged to a Lieutenant Colonel from the General Staff.I was told his name was Marinov and that he was a commander of a regiment in Sofia,
but i dont think there is a way to confirm this.
Judging by the medal bar from left to right(in order of awards)he was awarded with:
1 - Commemorative Medal for the Balkan war 1912-13 - It has a black line so that means he is a relative of some one who died in the war.
2 - I was told maybe the cloth bar is missing so probably the medal is a First world war Commemorative Medal 1915-18.
3 - Medal for 10 years of excellent military service.
4 - Most likely a Medal for merit; or Order of Saint Alexander 5th class.
5 - Order for military merit 4th or 5th class (for a Lieutenant Colonel I think its more likely a 4th class ).
I had some doubts the uniform might be put up together,but after consulting with experts,they assured me there is nothing wrong with it.
And after examining the stitches carefully i think its ok.

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