Question Late WW2 US M1 Helmet ?

I have an M1 helmet which I am sure is the late WW2 type.

The stainless steel rim (paint comes off easily and it is shiny metal) has the seam at the rear and several spot welds holding it in place.
Postwar/Modern helmets do not seem to have these visible spot welds.

It has the cork mix in the paint where it has not been rubbed off.

It has hinged bales / strap loops not fixed.

However the little hinged bracket which holds the bales to the shell has the middle of the three flaps on the outside (in towards the head) whereas in the books I have and webpages I have seen the middle flap is tucked behind the outer two.
Hope you understand what I mean. I can post a photo but no time just at the moment.

So the bale hinge here is obviously old but its fashion is the same as postwar and modern hinges.

I sanded down the inside of the shell at the front above the brim but found no pressing numbers.
Where else could they be, if indeed anywhere on a late model M1 ?

Hope someone can help me confirm it is WW2 and even better if I can identify the maker.



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