Need help! German M16 Reissue SD Helmet Shell (No Liner)

Hello everyone,

Please bear with me, another beginner collector asking beginner questions to the far wiser and more knowledgeable German helmet collections. I mainly collect British & militaria but thought I’d put on hold this helmet, M16 SD Helmet with no liner, from the Collector’s Guild (germanmilitaria). I like the look of the M16’s and a reissued one for WWII Single Decal is a win win for me. I wanted to make sure everything checks out with this helmet. On my computer right now their website is down unfortunately so the only pictures I had were screenshots on my phone so please excuse the pictures, as soon as their website is up again I will screenshot better images from their website. Hopefully the images will be good enough to determine if the decal looks good. I’ve bought British stuff from them before but never German stuff, they seem like a good site, but even good sites have fakes and I don’t want to buy a piece of worthless junk now do I?

Any help is extremely appreciated, I have tremendous respect for my fellow forum members in the German section that help identify German helmets and headgear, tons of fakes out there for all collecting but German stuff there’s just a heap of them. So I wish to thank anyone that can offer assistance ahead of time.

Here’s the images… again sorry for the quality, will get bigger better screenshots when their website is up again.

111.8 KB
194.9 KB
321.8 KB
112.9 KB
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Thank you once again for any assistance ahead of time.

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