My $40 Facebook Mortar Adventure

Who would have thought. I recently discovered the marketplace feature on Facebook and while browsing through the antiques section, boom (no pun intended) I come across a mortar. I figured at $40 I would risk the drive and see this in person. Wise choice.

Here are the photographic fruits of my $40 Facebook Mortar Saga.

The mortar appears to be a WW2 model. Marked "10lbs III C.W. 6/41" Also has what appears to be a symbol contained two of the letter V, one larger and one smaller inside. On the base which I believe is mahogany is a nice plaque which reads; "3 Mortar Bomb Mark III / Made By / Crocker Wheeler Elec. MFG. Co."

When I got it home the base had a few chips in it where someone had tried to pry it off. I added the brass bit to cover the slight damage. In an effort to prevent scratching the plaque, I undid the pins holding it to the base. I am puzzled however. Do you believe this was done by an average person? Perhaps this was done by the factory? I cant find any other Crocker Wheeler mortars either. A curious piece for sure that is one of my coolest finds to date.



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