Soviet Afghanistan era field caps: ID assistance

I am curious if anyone knows the proper Soviet names and style numbers for each cap I posted, opposed to the generically-used "Afghanka" seen on the Internet. I do not own these caps– they were copied from web images. The only caps I confirm are (A) the M-38 that was the original cap to be called an "Afghanka" in the Soviet-era, yet this cap was not designed for/during the Afghan war. This cap was replaced by the “Panama” hat but a true Soviet "panama" cap (does anyone know its real model number and name?) was not used in Afghanistan so I have read, as production of it came after the war. The second cap (B) is the popularly-termed "Syriaka" without a balaclava wrapping. Does anyone know the true model name and number of this cap? The third (C) is a cap with the "ushanka" on top. This I’ve seen in photos of troops from 1979-82. What is the correct term and model of this cap and, was it phased out with another model? Your help is appreciated. –Will

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