Fake? Der fuhrer armband, ss collarboard, eagle?

Hello, One of my friends who is a antique estate "buyer" picked these up from a large estate. I have some doubts as I have not seen this specific pattern on the "Der Fuhrer" armband. They look like very well made counterfeits to me, the white thread does not glow, passes the burn test, and smells/feels extremely old. BUT I would like to be 100% positive that they are not authentic. The collarboard with pips looks pretty believable and the thread used on the SS Collarboard also looks pretty believable. Because they came in a lot from the same estate, and I find the Der Fuhrer Armband very questionable, I question the other items authenticity as well. I would prefer to tell my friend with 100% certainty they are no good, or maybe they are. Maybe you can help us and thank you!


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